A Forest of Halloween Costume Options

Are you still looking for a fun Halloween costume for the weekend? Do you want something that will outlast the trends of the current year? Why not pick something inspired by one of our city’s favorite landmarks?

london ontario halloween metal tree

A Metal Tree

Celebrate the iconic statues that sprouted up in our city several odd years ago. This is a great costume if you work and live in the downtown core and need some fresh air on your lunch break. Join your metal tree brethren and become the tree yourself.

london ontario halloween costume western university fanshawe college

The Post-Secondary Chimera

Want to show your love for your local post-secondary institutions but not sure which to pick? Heck, maybe you went to both schools yourself. Why not mix it up? Horse head and falcon legs? Falcon head and horse legs? The options are as variable to you as your own post-secondary journey.

london ontario fork of the thames

The Fork of the Thames

If you’re that person who adores the goofiest puns, this costume is probably for you. For the full effect, equip yourself with a couple of spray bottles. Your friends will appreciate the added hydration, as long as their makeup is waterproof.

london ontario halloween costume victoria park squirrel

The Lucky Squirrels of London, Ontario

Have you heard of the lucky squirrels of London, Ontario? You’ve sure as heck have seen them, and we wrote a whole article about the website telling their story. This can also be a great group costume if you want to avoid bickering over who plays what character. You may want to pair it with a fancy reflector vest if you’re going to be out in the dark.

The Covent Garden Market

Were you that kid who really looked forward to getting apples when trick or treating? Why not spread the love? Pick out some apples or other fine produce from the market and bring them along to inject a shot of health into any party. If you’re going to a fancy party, why not bring along some various cheeses and make yourself an interactive wine pairing station?

These are just a few ideas to change up your Halloween with a little hometown flavour. Do you have ideas for costumes inspired by our London? Let us know!


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