Science, research, and expertise… these are the elements of innovation in London, ON.

KGK Science is a local company that “integrates scientific, clinical research, commercial, and regulatory expertise to deliver well-designed solutions for propelling health and wellness products to market.”

It found its home in London 21 years ago. CEO Najla Guthrie and her staff are looking to revolutionize the world of clinical trials in the nutraceutical industry. Their database holds over 12,500 participants who have gone through their studies. Fuse had a chance to sit with Matt Pizzuti and Brad Ferris to learn a little more about what KGK Science does in the London community.

Did you know?

Products cannot claim something in their advertising unless that claim has backing in research. The public can rest easy with this information.

This is where KGK steps in. They carry out the clinical research for nutraceutical companies. They do not stop there, they also do market research and have staff who are dedicated to creating published research.

Their studies are purely based in science, this goes without saying that their studies are not homeopathic. On the research end, their staff is made up of Ph.D. graduates, general physicians, and nursing staff.

When I heard the term nutraceutical clinical research, my first thought was of endless needles. However, as Ferris points out, “there is no poking or prodding.”

Another difference with pharmaceutical research is that there are no placebos that are generally sugar pills that have no effect. Studies at KGK use either comparators from competitors or a similar product without the active ingredient. As these are all health products, no matter which side you are on in the double-blind studies, they are still good for you.


There are a few reasons you might be interested in volunteering as a KGK science volunteer, and it boils down to these four key points.

1 – Compensation

KGK Science doesn’t skimp on compensating participants for their time. They realize that it is important to appreciate the effort put in by volunteers. True to science, they have a calculation which looks at time spent and amounts relative to minimum wage.

2 – Participant value

These participants are the health heroes. They believe in the products they are testing out and want to make sure that the eventual consumers are getting the best products possible. They are the medical heroes of the nutraceutical world.

3 – Love of research

Purely for science! These participants are intrigued by results and the inner workings of the nutraceutical world. They want to see the published research and know that they have been a part of something great.

4 – Turn your life around

These are participants who may have tried a lot of alternative health products that may not have given the results they were hoping for. KGK Science works with some of the most innovative and groundbreaking products, so participants might turn to these trials as a last resort.

It’s the research of the time and staying on trend with federal law changes is key.

KGK Science is spearheading a one of a kind study based on cannabis starting in September with legalization on the horizon. They are looking at standardized processes and providing the foundational research for the future. They want to combat the issue of assumptions as opposed to lack of knowledge.

Revolutionizing trails, testing, and results is the name of the game for KGK Science. Right in the hub of downtown London, they are changing the ways of the nutraceutical world. Thorough research and execution is central to their work and it’s supported by diversity within their team from the top down. This company is a hidden gem of local (and national) innovation, one that as Londoners, we should be very proud to have. 

KGK Science is currently looking for participants for the cannabis study along with others on the horizon. If you are interested check out their website and become part of the revolution. 

Feature photo by Oshi Rathnayake


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