There’s something for every music fan during JUNO Week

London’s music community is rich with talent of all kinds and there are plenty of ways to explore entertainment in the Forest City. There are also other ways to enjoy the arts and culture of London, Ontario, like learning more about the city or checking out a new establishment.

Whether you’re a long-time Londoner, or just visiting, here are some activities to make your JUNO Week worthwhile.

See a live performance

The best way to enrich your experience with London’s music scene is to go see a local band. 17 venues such as 765 Old East, The Richmond Tavern, Rum Runners, and The Rec Room Masonville, are hosting over 100 bands, including many local acts, during JUNOfest. Although the wristbands are sold out, you can still buy tickets for individual shows.

Jordan Macdonald of Texas King performing at the London Music Hall in London, ON
Texas King is one of many bands playing at JUNOfest

There are other concerts happening as well, such as the Wolfe Island Records Artist Showcase, Fanshawe Live: Dundas Place, and Rinse Festival London at the Laundromat Cafe.

Regardless of how you indulge in live music, you’ll be sure to bask in the talent as we await spring.

The performances are not just limited to music. The March 15 JUNO Comedy Show at the London Music Hall will give you a hearty chuckle after a long week.

Search for the next piece in your music collection

Adding new music to your collection is a thrill, whether it’s an album you’re looking for or a record you didn’t know you needed. What’s a better time to add new music into your life than a week celebrating music?

London Record Show bins 2017
You’ll never know what treasures you can find at the London Record Show. Photo by Michael Del Vecchio

London has many local record stores with friendly staff and a great selection.  The London Record Show on March 17 at Centennial Hall is a one-stop shop for your music needs.

Learn about local music history

Between the four exhibitions at Museum London, the exhibition at the London Music Hall of Fame, and all of the books and archives found at the London Public Library Central location, you can learn about music history just from walking around Downtown London. City Lights Book Shop will also have a section just for Canadian musician biographies.

A framed article of Tommy Hunter and a framed declaration of Tommy Hunter Day at the London Music Hall of Fame in London, ON.
The London Music Hall of Fame has an exhibit all about the city’s connection to Canada’s biggest night in music.

Vanessa Brown and Jason Dickson’s book 150 Cultural Moments of London, is chock full of  London’s major musical milestones like Johnny Cash’s proposal to June Carter, Chuck Berry’s concert at the BealTech Auditorium, and the White Stripes performing at Arva Flour Mill.

Test your knowledge of Canadian Music facts at the TAP Centre for Creativity. Aim to score as many correct answers during the Canadian Music Trivia Night on March 15 at 7 PM.

Dine at a restaurant you haven’t tried before

Whether you’re craving burgers and fries, pasta, or sushi, London has many options to satisfy.

The Covent Garden Market offers plenty of delicious choices. Richmond Row and Old East Village are also filled with restaurants for your pre-concert meal. Lou Dawg’s Southern BBQ will serve a late brunch with a side of live blues on March 17.

A milkshake next to Boss Monster Game Cards at the Cardboard Cafe in London, ON
Drink milkshakes, play board games, and enjoy the Cardboard Cafe’s extended hours before the JUNOs!

Eateries partnered with the London Food Truck Association will be in Downtown London during the week. The Donut Diva and My Big Fat Food Truck will be at Riverside and Wonderland during the weekend, if you want somewhere more quiet to eat.

Other establishments welcome new customers during JUNO Week. The Cardboard Cafe and Rebel Remedy Health Bar are two businesses extending their hours.

V Food Spot will offer vegan donuts at a pop-up shop nearby the Central Library on March 16. Union Ten Distilling Co. will offer their signature cocktail later at their pre-JUNO Fest party, also on March 16.

Explore local businesses

The City is chock-full of creative people selling unique products. The Market at the Western Fair District features everything from clothing to jewelry to soap.

Ashley Burt of Wooly Maple with her display of hats at the Covent Garden Market in London, ON
Whether you want to pick up a new hat or scrunchie or music festivities, Wooly Maple will have what you need at the Merry Makers Block Party

Merry Makers, an artisan and craft show, will be hosting a block party on March 16 on Dundas Place, where you can pick up paintings, bags, and/or JUNO Awards accessories like bracelets and scrunchies.

This is a monumental time for London, ON so get out there and experience as much as you can! Be sure to check out all this and EVEN more during JUNO Week.


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