Spend the rest of 2020 as tourist in your own city!

As we move into the final months of 2020, it’s an understatement to say that this is a year unlike any other the majority of us have experienced in our lifetimes. In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, a large majority of us have followed the public health guidelines since mid-March, stayed inside, remained socially distanced, and found alternative ways to support our favourite local businesses. 

Although it’s not the time to relax precautions, there are many ways to safely enjoy what your city has to offer, while getting acquainted with the wonderful places, establishments, and activities that were perhaps taken for granted in a pre-pandemic world. 

Let’s take a look at some hyper-local ways you can be a tourist in your own city, safely and respectfully. You can get out, enjoy, and appreciate what makes the Forest City unique, support local businesses and organizations, and make the most of this new season.  

Let’s escape…

To start things off, let’s escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and get back to nature. Visiting local parks and green spaces is a great way to get out of the house, safely enjoy it, and experience a different side of your city that’s good for the body and the mind. Often thought to be a summer activity, traversing the many trails and walking paths during fall in London is an activity that can’t be beat! 

Downtown’s Victoria Park, looking magical!

A few Fuse Gems we suggest include Meadowlily Trail (South East London), Kains Woods (West London), Sifton Bog (West London), or if you’re looking for something more centrally located, Victoria Park never disappoints! Enjoy the cooler weather while admiring the dazzling fall colours.

Get yourself a hot drink…

Fall is moving in swiftly, and after a brisk walk in one of London’s many green spaces, it’ll be high time for a hot drink — or cold, that’s up to you! There are so many local treasures serving up a classically comforting cup of tea or coffee plus all the seasonal favourites to leave you satisfied. 

Wise words at Asmara Coffee House!

A few Fuse Gems we suggest include Reset Cafe (Downtown), Asmara Coffee House (Old East Village), Sidetrack (Old South/Wortley), or Society Cafe (West London/Blackfriars).

Peruse the Main Streets…

After several months of staying in – your house and sweatpants – it’s high time to do some shopping. There are so many locally owned and operated wonders to be discovered all over London, from boutique clothiers to second hand and thrifting to home decor and furniture.

Old East Village offers just one of London’s independent business corridors for all your shopping needs! Photo by Allan Lewis

Old East Village is filled Discover endless Fuse Gems by meandering about our beautiful Downtown flex street, Dundas Place, wandering along the ever-impressive Richmond Row, seeing the eclectic array of establishments in Old East Village, or getting a dose of both big and small in Hyde Park. And if you’re not able to get out and about, or are staying in currently, browse many of the shops online through digital shops, curbside pickup or delivery. 

It’s diner time…

Yes, diner time. Unlike dinner time, diner time falls within all hours of the day, and whatever time you choose, it’ll be the right one! We really like diners… and luckily, London is chock full of family-friendly institutions that have been making locals smile for decades. Whether you take the classic route with a slice of pie to complete your meal or try something a bit more new and shiny, we can assure that any of the following mom and pop shops will leave you satisfied. If you’re not able to dine in, many of these spots are also offering take out or delivery.

SoHo’s Family Circle never disappoints!

A few Fuse Gems we suggest include Del-Mar Restaurant (Argyle), Prince Al’s (Downtown) Family Circle Restaurant (SoHo), Richie’s (Masonville), or Malibu South (Westmount).

Explore the arts and culture…

The past few months have been challenging for so many, and that certainly includes our arts and culture institutions. Now that so many have reopened offering small tours or open hours with social distancing at the top of mind, it’s high time to go out and explore London’s arts, culture, and heritage options, in as safe an atmosphere as possible. 

Visit this very important and engaging exhibition at Museum London running until December 13. Photo by Emily Stewart

A few Fuse Gems we suggest include Museum London (Downtown), Museum of Ontario Archaeology (Medway), Eldon House (Downtown), McIntosh Gallery (North London/Western University).  

Do a little (or a lot) of Marketing…

Farmers’ Markets are what weekends are made for. In London, we have a healthy array of wonderful places that offer up anything and everything you might need. From local, fresh produce, to butcher shops and seafood joints, to bakeries, dry goods shops, vintage stores, artisanal wares, hot meals, and so much more, there’s something for everyone on a trip to your local farmers’ market.  

A visit to the Covent Garden Market is always a great idea!

A few Fuse Gems we suggest include The Market at Western Fair District (Old East Village), Gibraltar Weekend Market (Argyle), Covent Garden Market (Downtown), or Trail’s End Farmers and Flea Market (Airport). 

Support local…

There’s just so much to see and do in the Forest City, so get out and get lost in all it has to offer. No matter what the world throws at us, we can stop, appreciate, and support all the incredible places, businesses, and organizations that are right here in London. And you never know what you might find!  

Check out the LondonFuse Directory and start planning your local treasure map, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, all over London and be a tourist in your own city today!


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