London punks Isolation Party deliver a hook-filled, scuzzy punk rock album to shake your fists to with their new album, Fiberoptic Holiday.

These tracks are quick, to the point and fun – like ordering a shot of whiskey at 5 p.m. immediately after you finish work on a Friday night. There’s no messing around. Nothing overstays its welcome.

If you’re looking for long intros or meandering guitar solos, look somewhere else. If you like Stiff Little Fingers and early Replacements, this is for you! There’s guitar solo’s sure… but they’re fuzzy, energized and uncluttered.

Street sounds

The songs have a similar lyrical vernacular as, say, early Rancid, with streetwise hoods singing about the world around them through 10 tracks. The album is a perfect glimpse into current downtown life. A crude place where the unkempt, the homeless, the drug addicted and, the struggling artists cohabitate, sometimes in contempt of each other.

The first track on side two, Not Excited, is probably the best example of the frustrations associated with seeing hardships on the streets.

“Quit asking me for change, do I look like I come from money? I got no money, I’m just trying to get by.”

Punk credentials

References creep up from time to time about seminal old punks like Lou Reed and, Husker Du, which should eschew any doubts of the band’s authenticity. There’s honestly not a bad song in the bunch. It’s rare to hear a band with such a cohesive set.

Check out Fiberoptic Holiday - the newest release from Isolation Party.
Check out Fiberoptic Holiday – the newest release from Isolation Party.

Old school DIY ethos is clearly important to the group. Bassist Preston Lobzun not only plays solid bass lines, (seriously, the bass in Fine Lines is so damn good), he recorded the entire album at local studio The Watershed. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, make sure you change that asap.


Eric Altomonte, who started the inclusive music facility in 2017, also helped mix and engineer this record for the boys. The cut and paste cover art was created by another local London musician and artist David Cereghini.

PS: There’s a special surprise for keeping the record playing after track 10… ONE MORE TRACK! A fantastic unlisted, introspective but still rocking break-up song.

Be sure to check out their album release party happening Friday March 1st at CTO.  $10 cover.  Sorry kiddies, this is a 19+ show.

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