“Ah, the ye olde Canon DSLR.” – A shop vendor’s explanation for my magic picture box’s presence in 1567.

Do you like tights? Dragons? Grown men attempting to skewer each other? The sport of artfully holding your turkey leg whilst clapping to a Bar Haven jig?

Well look no further than 1567. Or, backwards to 1567.

The Oxford Renaissance Festival was held in the Dorchester Fairgrounds the weekend of June 23rd. Although the rain poured down into the mead of the villagers, the party never stopped.

Courtly love was the theme on everyone’s mind and pocketbooks as Queen Elizabeth visited the village of “Wolvercote.” The unsuspecting villagers were tasked with the challenge of softening the Queen’s heart and convincing her to marry.

Amidst the men in tights and cannon blasts, chivalric displays bloomed in the village. As many a wight and wyfe approached the queen with flowers, poems, and ballads proclaiming their devotion to her.

Did the Queen’s heart ever soften? I know my sweet little mayde heart did. But that was probably because of the ye olde Bud Light.

The festival boasted incredible jousting, falconry, armed combat, and blacksmithing. As well as hosted hilarious and entertaining groups like Zoltan the Adequate, Men in Tights, Washing Well Wenches, the Harmless Danger Juggling Show and many more.

Just in case you wanted to ryot into the wee hours of the 1567 morn, the Boar’s Head Pub was open until 1 am on Fri. and Sat. night.


If you want to escape modernity for a bit while keeping the simple pleasures of the modern French fry and indoor plumbing, I highly recommend worm-holing your family and friends back to 1567 and the devilishly fun village of Wolvercote. That’s where I’ll be if you need me.

Wait, when I’ll be.


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