You’ve probably tried many great restaurants in downtown London, ON…

We all know restaurants like Garlics, The Tasting Room, Budapest, The Church Key etc. But, I’m here to point out (but) some of the hidden culinary treasures that can be found in this city’s South end. As with many of these guides, the boundaries are set by the person writing the article, so for me, my definition of South London is anything south of Commissioners.

Read on and find out how you too can diversify your Forest City palette!

Nova Lisboa, photo via Erin Morgan M. on Yelp
Photo via Erin Morgan M. on Yelp

1. Nova Lisboa Restaurant (3 Glenroy Road)

This hidden treasure in the middle of Pond Mills isn’t just the home to the best Portuguese steak and eggs in the city, it’s also one of the best places to get seafood in London, period. It’s a quiet family atmosphere with all fixin’s, get there fast, you’ll be happy you did!  

Los Comales, Latin Food. Photo via Facebook / Los Comales
Photo via Facebook / Los Comales

2. Los Comales (561 Southdale Road)

If you missed this restaurant in it’s downtown incarnation, make your way to the new one. This intimate little slice of South American cuisine will charm you from the time you get there to the time you leave. Trust me, you’ll come for the nachos and salsa, but you’ll stay for the Fajitas.

Lunch at The Shish Shawarma and Grill. Photo via Facebook / The Shish Shawarma and Grill
Photo via Facebook / The Shish Shawarma and Grill

3. The Shish Shawarma and Grill (1401 Ernest Avenue)

Downtown shawarma restaurants can get old. So, if you like the flavours but want a new twist, I definitely suggest The Shish. A place where good Middle Eastern food meets an attractive price point. Does it get any better than that? 

Dandy's burgers and gyros. Photo via Facebook / Dandys Restaurant
Photo via Facebook / Dandys Restaurant

4. Dandy’s (1120 Wellington Road)

Every neighbourhood has a go-to take out place and Dandy’s has been a White Oaks staple for years. You can find everything from charbroiled burgers all the way to souvlaki. It’s nice place to settle down after experiencing the hustle and bustle of daily life, any day    

of the week.

5. The Italian House (1440 Jalna Boulevard)

Italian House pizza, wings, and calzones. Photo via Facebook / The Italian House
Photo via Facebook / The Italian House

This one might be considered cheating because they’ve opened a north location, but in my humble opinion, this is some of the best pizza in the city. From pizza to calzones, to their garlic dipping sauce (that’s made in house!), this is a great choice if you’re looking to satisfy that Italian flavour craving.

Cabbage rolls from Aranka Casard. Photo via Facebook / Aranka Casarda
Photo via Facebook / Aranka Casarda

6. Aranka Csárda (7447 Longwoods Road)

Aranka Csárda opened within the last few months and this Hungarian restaurant has some of the best paprikash, cabbage Rolls, and spetzel, this side of homemade. Since it’s hidden in the tail end of Lambeth, it’s a good place to hide out if you want to avoid big crowds and an endless loop of Eastern European classical music.

Black Diamond Burger. Photo via Tripadvisor
Photo via Tripadvisor

7. Black Diamond Bar & Grill (1440 Jalna Boulevard)

If you’re looking for an affordable night out and some of the best wings in the south end, I suggest you visit this quaint neighbourhood pub tucked in bottom end of White Oaks. As they say, “great food and great company” and what else do you need!

Burger at the Southside Grill. Photo via Facebook / Southside Grill
Photo via Facebook / Southside Grill

8. Southside Grill (794 Exeter Road)

If you’re looking for a place to eat on your way out of (or into… or whenever in) town, I suggest this diner-style family restaurant on the last stretch of Wellington Road before the 401. All your family restaurant favourites are there from pork chops to chicken parm, to medium-rare steaks. And you know what else there is? Some of the best rice pudding you’ll ever taste!

Waffles at Eggs and Fruit. Photo via Facebook / Eggs and Fruit
Photo via Facebook / Eggs and Fruit

9. Eggs and Fruit (841 Wellington Road)

Even though it closes in the middle of the afternoon, this South London breakfast spot has secured a spot in the neighbourhood’s heart. Boasting a menu that ranges from the classic western omelette to some of the best buckwheat pancakes that this city can offer. And the waffles? Well, go see for yourself and don’t pass up the opportunity to start your day off right.

Well London, where’s your first stop going to be? Stick to an item on this and you’ll know you’re in the right place. Bon Appétit!

Feature photo by Nicki Borland


  1. These are great! Another fantastic South London gem is a little (and I mean little) hole-in-the-wall Polish restaurant called Helen’s. The owner is always working and she builds a great report with her customers. The food has homemade borscht, schnitzel, polish sausage, cabbage rolls, cabbage soup and fried bass. Absolutely delish! Only draw back is that it closes at 3pm. It’s in a tiny plaza near the corner of Wharncliffe and Exeter by Hully Gully. There used to a British Bake Shop in the same plaza but it went under. Definitely recommend you try it out.


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