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Zachary Gray keeps a sense of adventure both in his life and his music. A local artist who has lived in Montreal, Toronto, Reykjavik and is on the move again – back to Montreal; Zachary will be in London for Grickle Grass 2017. Get to know the artist a bit before you check his set this Saturday:

Photo by Vincent Fugère, courtesy of the Grickle Grass Festival

Why do you play the music you play?

I suppose the reason I play what I play, is because it’s also the music I love. It all started with the purchase of Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” EP back in ’99. It was through Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada that I discovered IDM (Intelligent Dance Music – aka worst genre name ever).

I spent most of my teenage years exploring the electronic music sub-genres, however always found myself returning to the same artists… Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher. There was something far more interesting to me about IDM than most other genres – primarily via the use of bizarre time/key signatures, interesting sound design, and overall variation in musical composition. IDM seemed limitless, and it’s what attracted me to the genre when I began making music myself.

What is your live music ritual?

Live music ritual… that’s a hard one. I guess my live music ritual could be summed up in moods/feelings:

Pre-Show: Anxiety/Anxiety/Anxiety

Post-Show: Relaxation/Relaxation/Relaxation. Also – a modest consumption of weed both pre and post show.

Are there other artists you like to work with?

Indeed there are. Locally I’ve enjoyed working with Psych-folk crew Whoop-Szo. We collaborated on a track for their last record “Citizen’s Ban(ne)d Radio” – and hope to continue to for some tracks on my upcoming LP.

Outside of London I’ve collaborated most with friend/fellow IDM artist Ilkae, under the alias Washed Hands. This project started primarily as a joke (we wrote/recorded that record in 36hrs), however, keep your eyes peeled… Washed Hands 2.0 might be just around the corner.

Grickle Grass is a DIY festival. What is the most DIY thing about your work?

Well, other than everything about my process? Haha. Likely the way I collect samples. Something I like to do when in need of a specific sound, is find a sound in real life that closely resembles the sample I hear in my head. Once I get that sound, I like to process, process, and process it some more, until I get the sound just right. Making kicks and snares out of pots, pans, rocks, and gravel… couldn’t get any more DIY than that!

Every flavour of donut you can imagine are at a counter. What are your dozen donuts in a box?

Easy, Hawaiian x 12. Seriously, I’m like a child when it comes to donuts… and other things.

You can check out more Zachary on Facebook. And while you’re at it, stay up to date on what’s happening and who’s playing at Grickle right here on LondonFuse with ‘Grickle Talks,’ every day leading up to the festival.

Get your tickets right here and we’ll see you on May 27!

Feature photo via Facebook / Zachary Gray, album cover for his lastest EP “Night Hustle”


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