One of the many beloved traditions of Grickle Grass is the festival posters. Every year part of the festival hype is in the poster reveal. This year is no exception, with the poster design for 2017 coming from local artist Sherry Garcia.

london ontario illustrator sherry garcia yoga cat etsy grickle grass
“Yoga Cat” by Sherry Garcia

Sherry is an acrylic and ink-based artist who made the jump to digital after her son was born. According to her Etsy bio, Sherry “enjoys playing with colour in the creation of make believe worlds to make pictures that are at times sweet and at times salty, holding the place that life usually inhabits”. Her pieces paint dreamlike places populated by emotive original characters.

Do you Grickle?

Excited first-time Grickler! This is my third summer in London. Previously, I have not been able to attend as it is my son’s birthday weekend and my wedding anniversary weekend. This time the stars have aligned. I have squeezed in a third birthday party, a night away in Toronto to celebrate our fifth anniversary, AND the Grickle Grass Festival!!!

Who are your illustration inspirations?

Early Inspo: Lynda Barry (comic artist extraordinaire), Julie Doucet (comics), Adrian Tomine (comics/illustration), and Dave Cooper (painter, comic and cartoon maker).

Just a small sample of stuff I am loving right now: Ana Galvan (illustrator), Elizabeth Pich  (comics and illustration), Wakana Yamazaki (illustrator), and of course last year’s poster artist Jesse Jacobs (comics), a hard act to follow.

Where did the idea for the Grickle Grass poster come from?

I spent a lot of time in the library in grade school looking at the pictures in the Lorax. I was soooo in love with the colours and the drawings of the trees. There was just something about the colours and the textures that just excited me! For this poster, I wanted to create a fun image that would sort of have that same magic that I remember feeling when I flipped through the pages of the Lorax back in the day.

london ontario illustrator sherry garcia grickle grass
“Enchanted” by Sherry Garcia

Are there other artists you like to work with?

Thus far it has been a solitary adventure. Although, I have been trying to rope my copilot into doing more drawings with me once our son goes to bed at night.

Every flavour of donut you can imagine are at a counter. What are your dozen donuts in a box?

Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles and Plain.  Even split.

Check out Sherry’s work for sale on Etsy and follow her on Instagram. And while you’re at it, stay up to date on what’s happening and who’s playing at Grickle right here on LondonFuse with #Grickle Talks, every day leading up until the festival.

Get your tickets right here and we’ll see you on the May 27!

Feature photo by Sherry Garcia, the poster for Grickle Grass 2017


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