When your thang is twang…

Richard Laviolette will hit the stage on May 27 at the Grickle Grass Festival along with many other incredible artists. His “country twang” and “music for reminiscing” stand out against the pop/rock/weird of the rest of the festival. So, get excited… Grickle approaches! 

Photo courtesy of the Grickle Grass Festival

Here’s what Richard had to say to Fuse while the Grickle anticipation is mounting!

Why do you play the music you play?

Firstly, I play music to sort out my thoughts. My head is a very chaotic place. Writing songs is like knitting a sweater with a knotted ball of yarn or at least something you can hang in your closet and maybe try on later at a time of your choosing. Lastly, I love playing country music because it’s awesome. In general, I love music with simple rhythms, catchy melodies, and warm tones. I also love people who attempt to challenge offensive stereotypes traditionally used in country music that are rooted in racism, sexism and colonialism.

What is your live music ritual?

Spilling my drink, forgetting my lyrics, then attempting sarcasm that no one picks up on…

What do you do when you’re not playing music?

Bus driving, listening to music, quilting…

Grickle Grass is a DIY festival. What is the most DIY thing about your band?

We are a proudly independent band on an independent label (You’ve Changed Records). To me personally, “DIY” means having control over what I create and also not treating people in abusive ways to get ahead.

Are there other artists you like to work with?

Esther Grey, Bird City, Jessy Bell Smith, Klarka Weinwurm, Fiver, Shotgun Jimmie, Steve Lambke, Rae Spoon, Geoff Berner, Cousins, Construction and Destruction, Wax Mannequin, Party Time, The Burning Hell, Peter Demakos and the Weather Station.

You can check out more Richard on Facebook here. And while you’re at it, stay up to date on what’s happening and who’s playing at Grickle right here on LondonFuse with ‘Grickle Talks’, every day leading up to the festival.

Get your tickets right here and we’ll see you on May 27!

Feature photo via Facebook/richardlaviolettemusic


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