Let’s talk environment, people!

It was a full-house at the London Brewing Co-op as many discussed the environment, listened to a presentation on future cities, and enjoyed some drinks.

The London Environmental Network (LEN) held their first Green Drinks event and will be hosting two more in 2017.

Skylar Franke, the network coordinator for the LEN, called the event series “a gathering of people who care about the environment.”

Presenting London as a Future City…

The first event featured Sean Galloway, London’s urban design and GIS manager, who talked about future cities and their environmental impact. Some of the strategies for

Some of the strategies for London as a future city included better parking spaces to improve walkability, higher quality bike lanes, and using water pipes to provide the city’s electricity. Portland, Oregon currently uses water pipes for energy.

Sean Galloway giving a presentation on Future Cities while three people listen.
Sean Galloway spoke about Future Cities for the first Green Drinks event of 2017. Photo by Emily Stewart

Galloway also said that data plays a major role in future development, as buildings are built for at least the next 50 years and that citizens also act as consumers in their day to day lives.

“Understanding how we consume, what we consume, [and] how much of it we consume are all very important decisions to make in how we build our city.”

Galloway said that it’s important for the city to engage with the public whenever they can. “It was great that we were able to talk to people and hear what their thoughts are on the subject. Hopefully, we encouraged them to go out and engage more with our website.”

Sharing passion and interest in the environment.

The atmosphere was buzzing with people discussing why they care about the environment.

Ali Meuse came to the event because her friend had an extra ticket and she really enjoyed it. Meuse said that networking events like it teach her more about the environment. “It’s hearing ideas. Things that maybe I didn’t know, talking to people, how little changes can make such a big difference.

Many people talking at the London Brewing Co-Op
Many people stuck around to network after the Future City presentation. Photo by Emily Stewart

She added that “it makes sense” to live an eco-conscious life to leave a healthier planet for future generations. “I actually don’t have children, but other people do and I’d like to leave a nice planet for them to live in.”

Franke said it’s important to host topical socials. “The more people can collaborate and voice different ideas about the environment with other people, the more projects or results that we have,” she said, “we’re hoping these kinds of environmental topics are interesting and they spark new ideas in people that attend the events.”

A bartender at the London Brewing Co-Op pouring a beer.
Green Drinks will be held at local breweries encouraging sustainability, like the London Brewing Co-Op. Photo by Emily Stewart

Franke added that LEN hosts events at places like the London Brewing Co-Op because they share common values. “We are focusing on local breweries as they represent local and sustainable businesses,” she said.

What to expect from future Green Drinks…

Green Drinks consists of a short presentation, some Q&A and plenty of networking.

Anderson Craft Ales will host the next Green Drinks, which will focus on food waste, on August 10th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. LEN encourages guests to carpool, bike, or use public transportation to get there.

Green Drinks will also run in October.

Feature photo by Emily Stewart



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