It’s all about the vibes, the good ones…

Coming up on November 3-4 at Rum Runners in London, ON, get ready for the Good Vibes Only Festival 2017. In its second year now, the festival will bring DJs from all over the world, a variety of musical genres, as well as live painting, artisan vendors, and art displays.

We had the chance to chat with festival organizer Spencer Frost (who has been planning these shows for more than three years, and the Festival itself for two) about this unique event and what people can expect this time around. Get to know a little more about Good Vibes Only and then, get your tickets! We could all use some more good vibes in our lives.

What was the impetus behind starting the Good Vibes Only Festival?  

I started Good Vibes Only as an alternative, positive dance scene for Londoners to enjoy because most of the people I know love to dance but don’t like going out to nightclubs.

“Someone on Reddit drew me!” An artistic rendition of the man himself, Spencer Frost. Photo via Facebook / @SpencerFrost

It was originally a series of house parties that were so much fun we knew we just had to keep going. I had no idea it would ever become a full festival, but here we are, the second year later, and it’s still just as much fun!

What’s your main message with this Festival (aside from the very blatant one that is the title!)?

The main message of the festival is mainly to try something new and different! Good Vibes Only promises to be unlike any other night out in London, and we’re sure attendees will feel the same. 

Why is Good Vibes Only important for London?

Good Vibes Only is important for London because it is a festival that aims to inspire radical acceptance amongst the attendees. This is something that not only London needs, but the whole world needs right now.

Good Vibes Only London Ontario
Music, check. Dancing, check. Good Vibes, CHECK! Photo by Smash Tha Snap via Facebook / @GoodVibesOnly

With the motto, “Good Vibes Only,” in the past people have simply shown with a positive attitude and plenty of love to share. That’s what we’re expecting to see again on Nov. 3-4!

Which acts are an absolute must-see?

There are tons of great acts, 16 different ones to be exact! Two of the headliners you definitely don’t want to miss including DJ Shub from St. Catherine’s (formerly of A Tribe Called Red) and My Son the Hurricane from Toronto.

And of course, there are tons of local and regional acts that you simply should not miss.

What can someone expect when coming to Good Vibes Only for the first time?

Coming to a Good Vibes Only party for the first time, you should expect to meet some awesome new people, you should expect to dance your ass off, and leave with an afterglow!

Good Vibes Only London Ontario
That’s one happy audience at a GVO show earlier this year. Photo via Facebook / @GoodVibesOnly

Sounds good to us! Stay tuned for more coverage on Good Vibes Only 2017 to meet some of the artists and get more of a sense of what’s going down on Nov. 3-4 at the festival.

To echo Spencer’s sentiment, “this festival aims to inspire radical acceptance amongst the attendees. This is something that not only London needs, but the whole world needs right now” and we couldn’t agree more.

So, check out Good Vibes only on Facebook for more info, get your tickets through Rum Runners right here, check out the full lineup, and in the meantime, polish up those dancing shoes!

Feature photo by Smash Tha Snap via Facebook / @GoodVibesOnly


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