Game and dine – what more can you really ask for?

London’s newest Entertainment spot, The Rec Room, offers something for just about anyone in the family. There’s a bar, a restaurant, an arcade, axe throwing, and a stage for live bands and karaoke.

There are so many activities to choose from, the challenge is finding what you want to do and optimize the instead of spending an hour playing Space Invaders.

Classics FTW

Let it be known that most of your favorite classic arcade games are there for your enjoyment. However, the coolest concept by far is the VR gaming experience. For a 10-minute virtual reality experience you have a choice of three games. You can play against a friend or by yourself.

Fuser Emily Stewart getting into the games. Photo: Dishan Anderson.
Fuser Emily Stewart getting into the games. Photo: Dishan Anderson.

Challenge your friends on the many racing games, or pretend you’re an Olympic athlete on a ski lift there’s so many sporting games you can choose from. Make sure fasten those seat belts because there are some roller coaster simulations that adds to the whole involvement.

My favorite games are the ones that I get to practice my hand-eye coordination skills, like knocking down some creepy clowns or getting the balls in a basket while racing against the clock.

Ever played air hockey with hundreds of mini pucks coming your way? The trick is to use both hands, one hand guarding your goal and the other for taking down your opponent. In fact, you can have the ultimate four-way air hockey game with three of your best buds.

Laura and Emily taking on the clowns. Photo: Dishan Anderson.
Laura and Emily taking on the clowns. Photo: Dishan Anderson.

While you’re having fun, don’t forget to rack of the points or tickets to win epic prizes at the trophy room.

Tastes of Canada

Just steps away from all the gaming fun is THREE10 restaurant, the dining experience celebrates the great Canadian landscape with food inspired by the three territories and ten provinces of Canada. From PEI mussels, to Wood-Fried Pizzas and grilled Portobello mushroom, there is a wide range surely to subdue some cravings! They even serve brunch too!

While you wait for your food, the hospitable staff offers complimentary popcorn for you to munch on. For our starters, we had wood-fried olives and a giant pretzel with delicious beer cheese and dill ranch and mustard sauces to dip.

I chose the Grilled Portobello mushroom caps seasoned in garlic and herb with smashed potatoes and smoked cheddar mac and cheese as my sides.

Portobello goodness. Photo: Dishan Anderson.
Portobello goodness. Photo: Dishan Anderson.

The Mac and Cheese is delectable, with a rich-creamy flavor from the cheese and caramelized onions. The smashed potatoes on a skewer is a clever idea, because the skewer stops those tubers from rolling around on the plate and it offers a great presentation.

Rest assuring the menu has an ample amount of vegetarian and some vegan options for our no-meat foodies.

Quick snacks

Not willing to dine? Don’t worry you can get a quick snack from The Shed. On the menu there’s a choice of scrumptious Instagram-worthy donuts and poutine to choose from, all inspired by Canada. Rec Room’s mini donut shop called “The Pumps” allows you to get a single donut or half a dozen with flavors with flavors that put twist on crème filled donuts like Caramelized Banana Crème and coffee-flavored Depth Charge.

Of course, there is an option of having them pump up our donut with liqueur.

I hope I’ve enticed you with all the Rec Room has to offer. If you haven’t checked it out, you should definitely consider it, because who can pass up gaming, food and beverages?