FUSE90: Antony Hare

Get to know local illustrator Antony Hare.

FUSE90 is a series brought to you by Fuse Contributor Nick Scott. In these 90 second videos, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of diverse creatives in London, Ontario, their passions, and where they’re headed.

In this second installment, meet Antony Hare. While living and working in London, Antony has illustrated for the international likes of Forbes, WIRED, GQ, and many more. Amongst several other accomplishments, he has certainly earned his artistic stripes through dedicated, hard work, personal drive,  and a creative aesthetic unlike anyone else.

Get to know Antony Hare, it’ll be a wise decision!

Stay tuned for Nick Scott’s monthly FUSE90 series for the latest on local creatives doing cool things, all around you.




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