Album: The MIX(ed) TAPE 2

Artists: Dj Hullewud & DJ Chase March

Album Link:

The tag team of DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March hand pick tracks for a killer curated mixtape of (mostly) local hip hop.

Both names may be familiar to fans of Radio Western. You can hear DJ Chase from his radio show Word is Bond on Tuesday nights, and DJ Hullewud brings you Break North Radio on Saturday evenings. Of course, some may recognize DJ Hullewud from the 2013 London Music Awards where he won Favourite Scene Maker.

These two DJ’s are well-educated in all things hip-hop and aim to educate the masses with this recent mix tape. Exclusive and unreleased (at the time of this release) tracks are seamlessly bridged together. Not to take anything away from the songs, but some of my favorite moments happen in the gaps. One track fades out as another comes out of nowhere overtop of it. Like Mount Vesuvius enveloping Pompeii.

DJs Hullewud and Chase March are back with a mixtape featuring some of London's hip-hop finest.
DJs Hullewud and Chase March are back with a mixtape featuring some of London’s hip-hop finest.

There are 31 tracks included, and honestly, there’s far too much good in this mix to delve too deep into everything that deserves it. Here’s a few of my favorite, choicest cuts:

Dreamsters Union: No Saddle –  A slamming horn sample and hi-hat beat gets your head instantly bopping along. This song does what a good mix should: I dig it so much, I want to know more about everyone involved!  In this case it’s TempoMental, Madhattr and Ngajuana. Ps (the flute used to transition between the end of this track and the next song is gold).

Exit Only: Toon Time – is a wicked and funny time warp back to Saturday morning cartoons. Including a good ol’ “Th-th-th-that’s All Folks!”

Sum-01 ft J Shiltz and Eternia: The Wild – One of the few tracks featuring a female MC and it’s a good one.  Sum-01 and Eternia bookend the anti-addiction track with genuine lyrics to caution and forewarn the listener.

The Ontario Players ft Touch, Fraction and Dissmaster Grand: This killer track raises the bar once again. It starts with an antique sample of the definition of a ‘disc jockey’.  When the song shifts into gear, the raps are smooth, confident, concise and multisyllabic. The scratching is expert-level – solid and tasty.

I’m so happy this mix exists. I’ve been moaning to friends for a while that I wanted a handpicked gateway into the London hip-hop scene.

This is it.

Dig it.

Visit the bandcamp site and pay what you can.


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