It’s all in the emotions…

Jennifer Henriksen, is a conceptual photographer based in London, Ontario. She works only with herself and the natural world around her; creating black and white, emotive self-portraits and stunning, dream-like photos of nature. We spoke to her about her work, film, country music, and Netflix.

film photo - woman with candle
“Untitled” by Jennifer Henriksen

Your work is reminiscent of a dream-like state, do you find inspiration from your dreams? 

I definitely find inspiration from dreams. Or rather, the thought of dream-like states. I’d much prefer to live in a more surreal world… creating photos that match my vision is how I “live” these out.

What’s your favourite Netflix show to binge watch?


black & white - field
“Chasing Memories, Lake Erie Ontario” by Jennifer Henriksen

How do you want people to feel when viewing your work?

I hope my work inspires others and creates a sense of wonder and fascination.


If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be? 

I can’t think of anyone specific but it would be someone who is able to travel a lot!

black & white - double exposure woman
“Moving through softly” by Jennifer Henriksen

Tell me about your experience as a successful female photographer. 

My experiences have all been great. I only shoot work for myself and for the artistic practice of creating, hoping to add some inspirational energy to any space that my work resides in, I don’t shoot portraits or weddings or things like that, so my experience might be different than others. I have always found the general public, other artists, galleries etc. to be very receptive and welcoming of my work.

Black & white - floral on wall
“Climbing up the Walls” by Jennifer Henriksen

What was your first concert? 

Hmmmmm I think it was Garth Brooks back in ’94-’95 at the Saddledome in Calgary. I lived in a small town that didn’t get many concerts!

Do you prefer film or digital?

Both! I got my start in photography about 12 years ago with an all plastic film camera called a Holga. I used film exclusively for years and absolutely love it. More recently, I’ve branched out into digital more as the cost of film and developing has risen and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get certain films developed in my area. [It’s also] time-consuming. One day I hope to have my own dark room but until then I’ve been enjoying trying something new, and exploring digital options.

black & white - blurry face
“Consumed” by Jennifer Henriksen

Breath hitched and gazed captured, Jennifer’s self-portraits instil a sense of romanticism and mystery. In addition to her stylized photography, Jennifer also takes breathtaking landscapes that deserve to be observed. Check out her breadth of talent on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Fuse Profiles is a series created by Emma Marr to highlight the incredible talent and creativity found in London, Ontario (and beyond). These pieces span across all media and showcase some of the most interesting and promising artists practicing locally today. Stay tuned for more profiles, published every two weeks from now on! 

Feature photo of “The Blur of Serenity” by Jennifer Henriksen. 


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