We leave you alone for a couple of months and this is what happens!?

We forgot to inform you before we took londonfuse.ca down that we are the apex of the universe’s balance. Obviously we alone protect you, dear reader from a world of calamity and chaos. But we needed a break! Even superheroes need a day off, well, maybe a couple of months… But here we are, hat in hand, saying we’re sorry and we probably won’t do it again.

Here’s what stuck out to us while remotely tapping into our desert island coconut radios to find out what was going on with the rest of the world. Keep in mind, these may or may not be “alternative facts”:

Oxford Dictionary word of the year post truth
Well if Oxford Dictionary calls it a word…

The Bad:


Women's March, London, ON 2017
A woman in a pussy hat holds a placard bearing reference to US President Donald Trumps bragging about sexual assault.

The Good:

Child holding hand made sign that reads I love chefs which is misspelled
We love shefs too

The Local:

  • A men’s right screening in London – seriously wtf?
  • London’s animal serial killer became the utter scum of this earth. 
  • Heartthrob (aka Prime Minister) Trudeau came to London.
  • Cameras in Ubers debate… waste of time? Largely debatable. 
  • The brewfing argument is actually a thing. 
  • London may become a Sanctuary City. 
  • The wildly opposed Rapid Transit Plan looks like it’s happening…
  • London’s election voting system is changing. 
  • Lorne Ave. Public School’s fate has yet to be decided… WE VOTE CAMPUS CREATIVE.
  • Nan Finlayson may still lose her house on Stanley Street due to road widening. Unbelievable. 
  • The Downtown Master Plan… ah, what’s happening there? 
  • Dundas still isn’t a pedestrian street – SURPREEZE. 
  • There was a giant brush fire in Dorchester. There’s a curveball. 
  • Damian Warner won the Governor General Award.
  • “The Only” is no longer on King 🙁
  • Growing Chefs! Ontario moved into a brand new space of their own at 460 King Street (the old Auberge du Petit Prince), we’re so proud!
  • Run Out Records – Roozbeh got himself a new store front on Dundas! 
  • There’s a new, fancy, multi-million dollar Zara in Masonville – R.I.P to ours wallets.
  • Globally Local opens new organic restaurant on Dundas… finally, fast food that doesn’t make you feel immediately hungover!

2016 was a baaaad year, and 2017 hasn’t been super bright, but we’ve got time to make it awesome. MAKE THIS YEAR GREAT AGAIN.

Again, our apologies for letting the world go to pot. We won’t let it happen again and this time we’ll stay in touch and keep you safe. *Promise.

*LondonFuse does not secure the right to promise anything to you regarding your safety, the internet, or the rest of the world.

Keep reading! Our new site is live and we have so much to share with you now!



    • We’re (a)Live! Thank you Kyle from griptheedge.com for your incredible work and support. This was the effort of a group of people that cared enough to spend nights in the office until 2AM and keep positive. It was (and still is) incredible.


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