May the Fringe begin!

London theatre veteran Dan Ebbs will be performing his new show In This Corner: Eight Rounds with Tommy Douglas at this year’s London Fringe Festival. I sat down with him to chat about heroes, medicare, and Klondike bars.

Dan Ebbs Fringe Fest
Photo courtesy of Dan Ebbs

What is your show about?

Our show is about Tommy Douglas, the man who got us medicare in Canada.

What drew you to the London Fringe Festival?

This is my 7th London Fringe production (first one was 2007). Kathy Navackas is one of my heroes.

What should audience members expect to take away from your show?

They should learn more about Tommy than just his getting us medicare and he was the grandfather of Kiefer Sutherland. Also, they will learn some tips about boxing.

Why did you choose this subject to explore?

Tommy is another one of my heroes. He didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’ and, because of that, thousands of Canadians owe their lives to him.

When and where is your show going on?

The show will be at 7:00pm June 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 at Venue #8, Museum London auditorium (lower level), 421 Richmond St. N.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Do Klondike Bars have chocolate? Because I can’t eat chocolate. It gives me migraines. However, if they don’t have chocolate in them and they’re really good and nutritious, I suppose I would go as far as singing Terry Jack’s “Seasons in the Sun” in public.

What was your last Tweet?

I don’t Tweet. I don’t text. I don’t Facebook. I’m a Luddite (the subject of my next one-person show).

Take us through your morning routine in as much detail as possible.

I wake up, I take a Ran-Rabeprazole pill, I put on clothes (if it’s summer), I go downstairs. I check my e-mail, I go to the basement, I take a shower, I get dressed, I shave, I eat breakfast, I take my B12 and Acidophilus, I floss and brush my teeth, I make my note of things to do for the day, I pack anything I’ll need for the day in my backpack, I make any phone calls I need to, I put on my shoes (or boots or sandals, jacket, coat, etc.), I leave, I lock the door, I walk (or bike) a bit down the street, I come back and check that the oven’s off and I’ve locked the front and back doors, I leave and start my day.

Do you think that the postmodern condition of cynicism towards metanarratives is itself a metanarrative?


What Fringe shows are you excited for this year?

Irena Sendler, Szeretlek, Mama’s Boy, Thunderfoot, Bella Culpa, Woody Sed,

In This Corner: Eight Rounds with Tommy Douglas was directed by Diane Van Hoven, stage managed by Veronica Steele. The songs were written and sung by Margo Does. The poster was designed by Margot Stothers, and the photographer/videographer was Richard Gilmore.

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For showtimes check out the Fringe schedule right here and don’t forget to grab those tickets!

Feature photo courtesy of Dan Ebbs


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