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The title says it all. Paul Merrifield’s new Fringe show Noam Chomsky vs. Rush Limbaugh takes today’s top political thinkers, leaders, and shouters (and Matt Brown), and puts them all on stage to let the madness unfold. I spoke with Paul to learn a bit more about what this show has to offer.

What is your show about?

It is about how ideology is our moral vaccine that immunizes us from the truth demonstrated in this political comedy about Noam Chomsky, Rush Limbaugh, Justin Trudeau, Kevin O’Leary and Matt Brown.

Fringe Festival London
Photo courtesy of Paul Merrifield

What drew you to the London Fringe Festival?

I love the “out there” flavour of Fringe productions with them being so daring and different from conventional theatre.

What should audience members expect to take away from your show?

That it’s ok to be an ardent liberal or conservative but it’s the corruption from both that is the problem.

Why did you choose this subject to explore?

I wanted to react to the sickening level of hate and name calling (Nazis, bigots, KKK’s etc.) that millions of Americans and to some extent Canadians are spewing at each other.

When and where is your show going on?

The shows are at the Palace Theatre:

Thurs June 1, 9:45pm
Sat June 3, 9pm
Mon June 5, 5pm
Wed June 7, 8:30pm
Fri June 9, 5pm
Sat June 10, 8:30pm

What Fringe shows are you excited for this year?

I want to see the one about bed wetting.

Want to know more about this little gem? Check out the site right here. And while you’re perusing, don’t miss Fuse’s Fringe coverage featuring interviews with different participating artists during every day of the festival!

For showtimes check out the Fringe schedule right here and don’t forget to grab those tickets!

Feature photo courtesy Paul Merrifield


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