The unavoidable cycle?

I Sound Like Mom, written and performed my Meghan Brown, is a one-woman show about the hilarious and at times difficult journey of the relationship between a mother and daughter. I interviewed Meghan to learn more about her show, involvement with London Fringe, and inspiration.

What is your show about?

My show explores the age-old story of resistance, denial, rebellion, and struggle as a daughter finds herself beginning to understand, and maybe even turn into, her mother.

What drew you to the London Fringe Festival?

It’s my hometown Fringe, as well as the first Fringe I ever performed at. It’s been two years since I last did a show in the London Fringe and I couldn’t think of a better place to premiere my first one-woman show.

Fringe Festival Sound Like Mom
Photo via Facebook / MeghanBrown

What should audience members expect to take away from your show?

I hope the audience leaves not only entertained, but also wanting to share their own ridiculous stories about their parents. 

Why did you choose this subject to explore?

People have been telling me for years that I should write my own one-woman show, but I never felt I had anything to say. Then I realized I had all these hilarious stories about my mother and my relationship with her. I wanted to create something to make my mom proud, so this is my love letter to her. At the same time, a lot of my friends were having babies and I thought this was something most people can connect with.

When and where is your show going on?

I Sound Like Mom is at Venue 7, Procunier Hall running on:

May 31st – 6:30pm
June 2nd – 6:00pm
June 4th – 1:30pm
June 6th – 5:30pm
June 8th – 8:00pm
June 10th – 4:00pm


What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Unfortunately I’m still under investigation for the last time I answered this question, so I cannot comment at this time.

What was your last Tweet?

Probably something about cheese or my show.

Take us through your morning routine in as much detail as possible.

Wake up at the a*s-crack of dawn. Drink a pot of coffee. Make my morning sacrifice to the traffic gods. Grab a banana and hit the road, heading toward the GTA for a DuffleBag Theatre show, with my amazing boss (he told me to say that). Get stuck in traffic. Curse the traffic gods. Pray to make it on time to our morning show where we make the lovely schoolchildren laugh.

Do you think that the postmodern condition of cynicism towards metanarratives is itself a metanarrative?

How dare you speak to me that way!

What Fringe shows are you excited for this year?

My Planet and Me, Orbituary, and Mama’s Boy.

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For showtimes check out the Fringe schedule right here and don’t forget to grab those tickets!

Feature photo via Facebook / MeghanBrown


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