See the city through fresh, foreign eyes.

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Photo by Nicki Borland.

Friendly Aliens’ Oshi and Amanda are here to properly introduce themselves and their new podcast. These two wonderful women talk about the experiences (and culture shocks) associated with being a new Canadian.

How we got here, the challenges we faced when we first moved to Canada, how we coped with homesickness and that sneaky feeling we might not belong… Friendly Aliens has all the insight you need.

It’s not all dark and gloom, though! We also talk about the mysterious London music scene, the abundance of bar and restaurants chains, (the lack of) personal space, and things that shocks us about London.

Have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna tell us what shocks you about London? Tweet at us at Friendly Aliens! Stay tuned for the next episode coming next month, when we talk about job hunting and employment with Brett McKenzie, the Communications and Outreach Coordinator at WIL Employment Connections.

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