Construction, early morning rain, and a cloudy day didn’t stop London’s comic lovers from collecting exclusive comics.

Free Comic Book Day saw another year of dedicated comic fans from London’s strong comic community.

As always, people cosplayed as their favourite characters for the occasion. Since Free Comic Book Day happened to fall on Star Wars Day this year, there was some Star Wars cosplay.

This year, there were some changes to the annual event.

Heroes Comics gave out free comics from the back entrance, because of construction on Dundas Street between Richmond and Wellington.

Unlike previous years where the lineup for the store stretched out on Dundas, the lineup was mostly contained in the parking lot nearby the Queens Avenue entrance of the London Music Hall. People could still enter and exit from Heroes front door for purchases, however.

The block party for Free Comic Book Day was on Dundas Place, where game demonstrations and a Bubbleology show were just part of the many activities.


Although a downtown block party for the event has happened in previous years, this is the first time Free Comic Book Day on the flex street after phase one of construction.

If you missed Free Comic Book Day this year, check out the gallery of photos below.

Mark your calendars for the next Free Comic Book Day on May 2, 2020. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Free Comic Book Day if you want to have never been, want to go, and want to start preparing early.



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