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A few of London’s local music scene faves are hitting the road for this weekend, headed to Pouzzafest, the annual punk rock festival in Montreal.

The festival attracts thousands of visitors from around the world and is the largest underground music festival of its kind in Canada.

Forest City pop punkers Snacks?, London’s local snack enthusiasts, and rock n’ rollers Heart Attack Kids are slotted to play the seventh incarnation of the three-day, multi-venue extravaganza. The two groups join a stacked lineup that includes Lagwagon, The Slackers, PUP and The Dirty Nil.

Snacks? guitarist Dustin Andrews has been going to and playing Pouzza for years. He keeps coming back for the laid back atmosphere, and to celebrate the punk rock community with people from around the world.

Snacks? Band London, ON
Photo via Facebook / snacksareawesome

“Pouzza is the perfect excuse to travel to Montreal, drink beers in back alleys with buds, and eat way too much unhealthy, tasty food,” Andrews explained. “It really is great for exposure and to connect and network with people old and new.”

All the rage…

The way Andrews, and local bands such as Red Arms and Wasted Potential, rave about Pouzza made Heart Attack Kids’ Jared Ellul want to go. This year’s lineup marks the duo’s debut.

“Some of our favourite bands have played Pouzza,” said Ellul. “Many people in the local London music scene really enjoy going every year. After hearing from friends in bands about this festival we absolutely need in on it.”

Heart Attack Kids London On Music
Photo via Facebook / heartattackkids

Ellul isn’t wrong. Tons of underground and indie punk bands have played Pouzza over the years and have nothing but good things to say about it. It’s one of the best fests to play to meet new friends and experience new music.

As an attest to this camaraderie, Andrews’ label Get Party Records released the compilation “Friends and Family at Pouzza 2017,” featuring a new tune by Snacks?, and songs from Iron Chic, An Almighty Trigger Happy, BOIDS, and of course, Heart Attack Kids among others.

Of friends and of family…

The reasoning behind the compilation is to expose listeners to new bands who are traveling to Pouzza, but not necessarily from around here.

“If each band posts the comp they will be cross-promoting the other bands which, in the end, is a win for everyone,” said Andrews. “Also we just like doing fun things and having excuses to ask our super talented friend Edith Boucher to do art for.”

Choosing artist Edith Boucher for the artwork speaks to the kinds of relationships Pouzza evokes and inspires. The Montreal-based artist does tons of band art commissions and designs for label Broke and Stoked, who do merch for the festival as well.

Pouzza Comp
Family and Friends at Pouzza 2017 Compilation. Artwork by Edith Boucher

Unique collaborations are what Pouzza is all about. At the organizer level, partnerships with Beau’s Brewery and Stomp Records represent the festival’s commitment to supporting local and independent. Snacks? have partnered up with Caffiends from Orlando, FL. to put out a split 7” at the festival. They will have limited test presses for sale and special Pouzza edition copies.

Those kinds of friendships and partnerships are not only encouraged, but embodied in Pouzzafest, making it an exciting festival to play for up and coming bands. Plus musicians like to see their buds play shows, and their own favourite bands too. Andrews is excited to catch Iron Chic, Bike Tuff and “a bunch more I’m sure I’m forgetting.”

First timers Heart Attack Kids can’t contain their excitement. Ellul says he’s looking forward to seeing bands like PUP, Brutal Youth and the Dirty Nil in this kind of festival setting.

“Seeing people so excited for the festival to arrive is a really great feeling, and it’s going to be sweet to see so many familiar faces as well,” said Ellul. “It’s always fantastic when so many awesome bands get together, makes it very easy to find new music!”

Get ready Pouzza, here comes London!

Check out Heart Attack Kids and Snacks? at Pouzzafest this weekend in Montreal, QC. and see for exact times, schedule and venue.

Go see Heart Attack Kids Saturday May 20 at Katacombes if you like:

“Big riffs, huge drums and lots of energy. If you want to see two guys make enough noise to sound like five, you won’t want to miss this.”

Go see Snacks? Saturday, May 20 at Foufs 2.0 if you like:

“Snacks! We bring food to every show [and] we have been brainstorming for awhile so I know we will have some awesome tasty food and songs for the people of Pouzza. We play honest old dude mid-tempo punk. We strive to write catchy sing-along punk anthems for those who are young at heart.

Get the Get Party “Friends and Family at Pouzza 2017” compilation here!

Feature photo via Facebook / heartattackkids


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