Five Oceans – a locally-grown band with a dash of Sault Ste Marie – are releasing their third EP, Oh Boy Feb. 3 at Cowboys Ranch.

LondonFuse got the chance to sit down with three-quarters of the band to talk about their transition from country music, their new EP and how the group was formed.

The group consists of four members: Warren Hargraves (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), Josh Try (vocals, lead guitar and ‘the administrative guy’), Pat Dal Cin (bassist and the pinch from Sault Ste Marie) and Mark Swan (master of ceremonies and drummer).

The name itself “stemmed out of panic” over a looming performance at Western University’s Spoke, Try explained. However, after a strike of inspiration from the song Ocean by Led Zeppelin and a quick google search, it seemed like the perfect fit.

The band took first place in Prevail Music Inc.’s Start Your JRNY competition in February, 2017. Oh Boy is the result of that win, and part of their grand prize package.

Their third EP is an opportunity to showcase their evolving sound and build off the success of their previous releases. Try said the group is ready to “swing for the fences” with Oh Boy.

Goin’ up the country

Five Oceans started off as a country band featuring the talents of Try and Hargraves. That country sound was showcased on their first EP What You’ve Heard, however, a transition took place with the release of their single, I’m Gone. It is described by the guys as their “Toyota turning point.”

The catalyst for change was the addition of Swan two years ago as their new drummer. As Try describes it, Swan brought “a certain playfulness” alongside bassist Dal Cin.


Broceans, their second EP showcased their new-country-centric, rock-and-soul sound.

The members all agree that they “shine as a live band,” and fans can expect a lot more show dates with the release of Oh Boy.

Stage or studio?

However, there seems to be a divide when it comes to personal preferences between live and studio work.

Dal Cin is in the studio camp, preferring an analytical approach to his music, whereas Hargraves and Swan are all about live performances. Try says he loves both – the connecting bridge between the two camps.

Five Oceans are releasing their new EP, Oh Boy, Feb. 3 at Cowboys Ranch. Photo courtesy of Five Oceans.
Five Oceans are releasing their new EP, Oh Boy, Feb. 3 at Cowboys Ranch. Photo courtesy of Five Oceans.

All members of Five Oceans agree that their main inspiration comes from their fellow bandmates, playing off each other and creating music with genuine chemistry.

Their writing style is collaborative with Hargraves being “the power forward” – coming to the rest of the band with lyrics and chord progressions.

“Imagine coming to three producers”, Swan says. “And they all put their own spin on it.”

Try explained that the tour with Ribfest this past summer allowed them to really recognize their roles within the band.

Close-knit group

There was no scoop about any rituals they have for their live shows – no shots taken and no special requirements. Swan feels that touring and live shows bring the band closer together and all of them agree that they have a family feel. Their favorite part about touring is driving together to shows.

While Five Oceans currently has four members, they are looking to add a saxophone player, so the math adds up… eventually.

The release show takes place Saturday, Feb. 3 at Cowboys Ranch. Opening acts are Charlie Weber FKA Major/Minor and It’s Melissa Megan. It is definitely an event to circle on your calendars.

Check out their event page for more information . For more of Five Oceans follow them on Facebook & Instagram @fiveoceansmusic, and


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