Picture this.

It is a hot day in the middle of the quarantine. You are going on a walk to feel like you are doing something, going somewhere, anywhere.

You start thinking about Pride. You and your friends go every year. You look forward to it; for a single day every year, you feel normal. Celebrated, even.

You remember your first Pride Toronto when the whole city was lit up with flags, and for once in your life, you felt safe.

And you wonder: What does pride look like in a pandemic?

And that’s when you see it.

The Pride Tomato

The tomato is tall, proud, and bears the unmistakable flags of the LGBTQ2+ and trans communities. A reminder that even in the most unexpected places, you can find Pride, community, and allies.


This year, we all have to be a little creative when figuring out how to celebrate Pride. Have you seen any flags or other queer rep around London that made you smile? Send them in, and we’ll add them here! Let’s showcase all the creative and quirky ways that London is showing its Pride in the pandemic.

You can still celebrate and learn safely from home. Pride London Festival is happening virtually until July 26th.

If you’re missing getting together for Pride London Festival events this year, reminisce with Fuse contributor pieces from years past.

Pride Cherry Popped: Thoughts from a Pride First-Timer by Oshi Rathnayake

Celebrating London Pride With Kids by Laura Thorne

25th Annual London Pride Parade Full of Sunshine by Emily Stewart

Photo Gallery – London Shows Its Pride by Laura Thorne

Photos- 24th Annual London Pride Parade by Emily Stewart

Feature Photo by Emily Stewart


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