This Saturday, Feb. 10, head down to Western’s University Community Centre for an afternoon of exciting post-secondary student films – all shot on smartphones.

The Western Smartphone Film Festival will feature the top 10 submissions from coast to coast, and an interview of a panel of industry professionals who will be judging the films.

Using a commonplace medium like a smartphone bypasses the need for filmmakers to rent expensive filming equipment, opening the door for more creators to express themselves regardless of resources.

The festival is in its third year since founded by film enthusiast Jin Shin, and the themes for the films are, Origin Story and Good vs. Evil. Applicants had their films judged according to criteria for creativity/plot, overall incorporation of theme, and film technique.

The top three films of this year’s festival will take home cash prizes ranging from $100 to $500 and will be screened at the 2018 Forest City Film Festival.

Executive Director, Amaara Dhanji hopes that the festival will expand towards the London community and that it will allow aspiring filmmakers to connect with reputable industry professionals.

Films will be judged by a panel including actor and director Jerry A. Ziler, Dorothy Downs from ForestCity Film Festival, Kelly Peckham from Wide Eye Television, Jason Seelmann, writer and director Reem Morsi, filmmaker Matthew Marshall, and set designer Noel Sergeant.

The top 10 submissions this year, in no particular order, are:

TORONTO – by Universe City Productions
Psychomedia – by Northern Lights Pictures
Terry Lam – by Lam Productions
Chester – by Arron Kramer
Promotion Day – by Jack Parnell
Man in a Box – by Will’s Myth
FATALE – by Matthew Downs
Blood Brothers – by Jacob Kachura
Knight Shadow – by Katmas
Origin of a Masterpiece – by Kathy Ferra

Come Saturday Feb. 10 from 1-4 p.m. to the McKeller Room on the second floor of the UCC to enjoy some great student films, an interview with industry professionals, free popcorn (for you and 99 of your closest friends), prizes, and giveaways.

Check it out on facebook.

Check out the trailer.



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