Exploring all of the holiday lights in the evening is one of my favourite December traditions.

In addition to Victoria Park and Jena Crescent, my mom, sister, and I like to take our dog out for a walk around our own neighbourhood and check out the holiday lights there. Year after year, we admire the glowing lights in the Masonville area.

This year, I spent two evenings stepping away from my desk and taking my family, who I live with, up on the winter walk. Given all of the activities that I wasn’t able to do in 2020, I’m really thankful we’re able to carry this tradition. Since many events are put on hold for the foreseeable future, I didn’t take out my camera for Fuse photo galleries often this year, and it felt so good to do that for this collection.

Below is a gallery of some of the displays. Last year, I took photos of Jena Crescent, where my dad likes to drive through with us, and their holiday home displays. Be sure to check out the gallery as well.

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe.



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