Sunday, September 15, 2019

Why Donate to LondonFuse?

Quite simply, we are a not-for-profit arts organization that (almost) fully funds our operations through grants. For those not in the NFP sector, that means writing grant applications and then hoping that we communicated our idea well enough to be awarded a grant.

We are doing what we can to create sustainability for our organization. That means advertising and services for hire. But it also means determining our capacity and creating processes to achieve our aim. Whoa, slow down. WHAT?

The Aim of LondonFuse

The aim of LondonFuse is to “promote arts and culture in London, Ontario and beyond.” That’s simple enough, right? Well, in order to do that, we must also determine what our idea of “arts” and “culture” are in the Fuse-dom. From there, we must create the processes that help us achieve that aim. Processes like:

  • Building a Contributor Program that delivers value to our volunteers AND creates interesting, unique content;
  • Keeping our site active and accessible;
  • Delivering Short Fuse in a timely and fun manner;
  • Running workshops for our Contributors and the general public that deliver new ideas and skills in an engaging way, and;
  • Keeping our lights on and being available to the public to help share stories about London and the world from a Londoner’s perspective!

And we do all of those things with a small staff, a super supportive board of directors and the hard work and talent of our volunteer contributors to deliver Short Fuse, and our events to the London public in order to engage them in cool, fun, cultural happenings.

To wrap it all up and put a bow on it…

That’s why we have left open our Donate to LondonFuse button indefinitely. Through our aim to promote arts and culture in London and beyond, your donation helps us to share a story about a new small business that opened up in Old East Village or a dance troupe performing in a public space.

There is no set fee to your donation, nor any obligation to keep donating. In fact, if you want to support us by sharing stories we write on your Facebook page, or coming to an event of ours – we’re happy!

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Borland
Executive Director