London Ontario Business

Anderson Craft Ales
1030 Elias St. London, ON
N5W 3P6
We’re a family owned and operated brewery proudly brewing out of London, Ontario. We pride ourselves on crafting small batch, handcrafted, premium beers without compromise that we know you’ll love; from our family to yours.
(548) 888 2537
304 Talbot St. London, ON
N6A 2R4
We lead with innovation, creativity, and conscience on our mission to change the perception of the marketing industry.
Authentic Barbers and Co.
355 Wellington St. London, ON
N6A 3N7
Barber shop in London ON.
(519) 433–7200
Blu Monster Media
540 Clarke Rd, Unit 12, London, ON , N5V 2C7
Blu Monster Print and Media is a full-service, commercial printing company based in London, Ontario serving customers across Canada.

We offer: Digital Printing, Large Format Printing, Signage, CD/DVD Duplication and Vinyl Record Pressing.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the printing and media duplication/replication business, we have the knowledge, experience and latest equipment to provide the best solution to meet your print communication and media needs.
Cardboard Cafe
114 Dundas St. London, ON
N6A 1G1
We are your destination for great fun and fine coffee! With a library of over 600 board, card and video games we have something for all types and ages! In addition to being a full service (and licensed) cafe, we have an ever expanding library of games to play with your friends. Our Stay&Play game pass gives you access to our entire library of games for the whole day for only $6 per person!(tax incl.) Tuesdays are 2 for 1 and Kids 12 and under PLAY FREE every day!
(519) 601-0066
383 Richmond St, London, ON
N6A 3C4
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The best place to find the funniest, craftiest, nerdiest, most inspiring content the internet has to offer.
(519) 850-1991
Edgar and Joe’s Cafe
255 Horton St. London, ON
201 King St. London, ON
N6A 5J7
A social purpose enterprise of Goodwill Industries, Edgar and Joe’s Café is a gathering space and food operation in London, Ontario. There are two locations – one in the SoHo district – ‘south of Horton’, and the other at Innovation Works – a coworking space for social innovators – in Downtown London. Edgar and Joe’s makes fresh and local food available, affordable and approachable with healthy choices from a wide variety of foods made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
Horton St. Location: (519) 645-0900 King St. Location: (519) 675-1733
Forked River Brewing Company
Unit 4, 45 Pacific Cr. London, ON
N5V 3N4
Nothing brings people together quite like a good beer. Whether you’re in a pub, watching the game, or just sharing a brew with your neighbour, beer is one of the quintessential ingredients to great company. Made in London, Ontario, Forked River Brewing Company is dedicated to delivering consistent, flavourful brews made with care in the traditional craftsman manner with all natural, quality ingredients.
(519) 913-2337
Hacker Studios
652 Dundas St. London, ON
Finding the right place for your company means finding a space where you and your employees will want to come to work every day.
It means being somewhere you can grow, try new things, hire new people, and make big changes without the space you’re in ever being a barrier.
It means having the flexibility you need while you’re evolving and a community of support around you.
We offer different types of space to fit the needs of most startups.
1(844) 674-4073
Covent Market, 130 King St. London, ON
N6A 1C5
Hasbeans was established in 1969 and has been providing best quality gourmet coffee beans ever since. As one of the first of its kind, Hasbeans has an even longer history than the ubiquitous Starbucks. However, rather than expansionism, we believe in keeping the business small in order to maintain tight control over taste, quality and personalized, friendly service.
(519) 663-0237