Aeolian Hall
795 Dundas St, London, ON
N5W 2Z6
A multi-genre performing arts venue, home of the El Sistema Aeolian, Rebelhearts and The London Community Orchestra.
(519) 672-7950
ATN Access Inc
5th Floor, 141 Dundas St. London, ON

N6A 1G3
We provide opportunities for individuals with injuries or physical, sensory and learning disabilities to gain access to employment or reach their learning goals through a variety of assessment, skills upgrading and personal development services. We want to help you try and achieve the goals and targets you set for yourself, as well as giving you the confidence and support you need to succeed.
265 Maitland Street
London, ON
N6B 2Y3

Childreach has been serving London families since 1975!  This is your one-stop destination for FREE playgroups all over the city, FREE parenting workshops on everything from toilet training to love languages, and FREE parent-child classes such as infant massage, letter fun, and little counters.  It also houses the only toy library in Southwestern Ontario!  Families can choose from more than a thousand quality toys, games, and puzzles to borrow just as you would borrow books from a library – for only $35 a year.
East Village Arts Collective
755 Dundas St. London, ON
N5W 2Z6
EVAC’s purpose is to support art and creativity in the East Village and greater London community, by providing inclusive, accessible and affordable gallery/creative space, resources, workshops and events. We host a wide variety of concerts, exhibits, workshops, installations and community groups, working with the neighbourhood population artists and organizations to strengthen community ties and the local art/music scenes.
(519) 494-2785
Hutton House
654 Wonderland Road N, London, ON
N6H 3E5
Hutton House promotes and supports persons with disabilities through learning and life-enhancing programs that focus on each individual’s strengths, abilities, and interests. A healthy Social Learning environment for those that do not feel like they fit in anywhere else. We are an organization for individuals with disabilities who are looking for things to do in London. We offer a wide range of programs from art workshops, music courses, cooking classes, fitness sessions, and more.
Innovation Works
201 King St, London, ON
N6A 1C9
A collaborative community of socially minded innovators. We don’t generally arrive at social change by doing the same old thing the same old way we’ve always done it. Change occurs when we introduce something different; a different idea, perspective, or approach that stimulates new ways of thinking. By bringing entrepreneurs, businesses, government, nonprofits and charities under one roof and literally removing the barriers between them, we are creating a condition whereby their differences will collide. This collision, messy and marvelous, is where new ideas are formed and where change begins.
(519) 433-7876
London Food Bank
926 Leathorne St. London, ON
N5Z 3M5
Food Bank in London Ontario.
(519) 659-4045
Safe Space London
755 Dundas St. London, ON
N5W 2Z6
Safe Space is a volunteer run support centre for sex workers, allies and women in crisis currently operating out of EVAC. Our model is one of empowerment with the goal of meeting women where they’re at and helping sex workers operate with safety and with dignity. We hope to make real a community that strives to raise the basic living conditions of its most vulnerable and exploited members. We are open Monday and Tuesday nights, 6:00pm – 11:00pm and offer harm-reduction supplies, HIV & STI/STD educational resources, cosmetics, clothes, hygienic goods, first aid, food, coffee, tea, and information about current services in London.
TAP Centre for Creativity
203 Dundas St. London, ON
N6A 1G4
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TAP (formerly known as The ARTS Project) is at the centre of creativity in London, supporting emerging and developing theatre, visual and performing artists. Our doors are open for artists and the public to overlap, participate and experience how creativity can transform and enrich us and our community. Featuring a gallery, black-box theatre, multi-use workshop space, and 10 resident artist studios all within our heritage building, TAP provides a unique space where people can tap into creativity.
(519) 642-2767
UnLondon Digital Media Association
211 King St. London, ON
N6A 1E8
UnLondon supports and enables excellence, edification and the flowering of innovation in the art-make-tech, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Southwestern Ontario and beyond, through facilities, education, and advocacy.
(519) 636-0783