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Community Programs

LondonFuse offers a number of Community Programs intended to promote our great city of London, Ontario.  The goal of our community based initiatives is to inspire our community and get them to be more proactive in their passion for arts, music and culture.

Our Community Programs can not be made possible without the sponsorship and support of our generous donors, volunteers and partners.

Learn more about our Community Programs below:

Contributor Program

Our Contributor Program provides and opportunity for any individual passionate about creating content to be published on our website and/or our print publication, SHORT FUSE.

At LondonFuse, we believe that the arts, culture, and music scenes in the Forest City are wonderful things and we want to spread the word. To date, all of our high quality and engaging content has been created by wonderful, dedicated, volunteer contributors and you too could become one of them.

With our Contributor Program, we’re always looking for writers, photographers, videographers, and creative people in general to help us shine a light on the amazing stuff happening in London, ON while helping them hone their skills and improve their craft. Are you in? We hope so, onwards!

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New Media Training Program

Our New Media Training Program (NMTP) provides opportunities for students and non-students to work with LondonFuse Staff (and guest instructors).  Participants will gain experience and practical skills necessary to create content for the web.  The New Media Training Program was built so that individuals could represent their voice through various mediums including, writing, photography and graphic design, video, public relations and event coordination.

LondonFuse is part of a growing network of groups and oragnization who who are dedicated in creating more life in London, Ontario.  We are fortunate to know many interesting and skilled professionals and have access to many exciting events.   With our resources and the drive of enthusiastic members of our community we are able to create more buzz around London’s cultural and arts scene.  Together, we can shed light on topics not typically covered in our mainstream media, whilst working on practical workplace skills.

In-Studio Time

Participants of the NMTP are provided with in-studio time, which provides them access to all of our equipment and resources.  This includes our cameras, computers and most importantly our staff/facilitators.  The interaction between our staff and students are of utmost importance. During this studio time, students learn from experienced professionals and instructors but are evaluated to ensure their progress.


Participants of the NMTP will have the opportunity to develop their skills in various streams.

  1. Writing
  2. Photography and Graphic Design
  3. Video
  4. Public Relations/Marketing/Event Coordination

Ask us how to get involved in our Community Programs by clicking this LINK

School Co-Ops and Placements

We are always excited to meet new, enthusiastic high school and post-secondary students looking to get those mandatory volunteer/placement hours!

If you are a student and you are interested in media, marketing, writing, photography, videography, not for profit (hey, you might be!), or any design-y things then please, contact us! We love to hear from London’s students and find out what’s actually cool. Or “on fleek”. Or groovy. You see; this is why you should volunteer here. We still use the term neat-o.

Contact us at info@londonfuse.ca to start the conversation.