Collateral Jamage Episode 1

In the premier episode of Collateral Jamage TV, join host Davita Guslits as she interviews Arthur’s Big Hit’s Katie Finn as they talk about women’s issues, pizza days and being in a band with two Capricorn’s.

This is the first of many episodes to come. Stay tuned for more local punk/pop-punk/hardcore and muppet punk bands from the region!

Host/Creator/Editor – Davita Guslits
Camera/Producer/Editor – Chris Hachey
Camera – Alissa Chater
Producer – Pam Haasen
Titles/Graphics – Justin Platnar
Sound – Timothy Glasgow

Arthur’s Big Hit are:

Bass/Vox – Katie Finn
Guitar/Vox – Daniel Prickett
Drums/Rant – Peter Graham


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