It’s time for a change, London…

This Saturday, January 26, a new(ish) music series will descend upon London. Starting at 7pm at The Rosewood Room, a lineup featuring Deni Gauthier (St. Thomas), Karen Emeny (London), and Ivan Rivers (Huron County), will from here on out be known as City Folk: A Local Songwriters Series.

Ivan Rivers 1
Celebrated Folk Icon Ivan Rivers. Photo by Yoshi Cooper via Facebook / @CelebratedFolkIconIvanRivers

This may sound familiar and you may recall having attended up to five similar shows under a different but similar name over the past two years. Well, that is exactly right. City Folk is a continuation of this series, but with emphasis on expansion, both in talent and in reach. City Folk intends to highlight the fantastic talent right here at home and in the surrounding area. Original creator and continued series visionary, Michael Del Vecchio of 331arts, spoke to Fuse about just that, plans for the future, and why this is an important series in the city of London.

“This series has grown into something very special for the city. It was the right time to give it a new name and emphasize the growth” Del Vecchio said. What with the continued increase in attendance, the extreme talent of everyone featured, and the ultimate demand for more shows of this sort, it’s no surprise that City Folk has come to be what it is.

It’s all about the music.

In the past, we’ve seen the likes of incredible local talent like Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies, Fraser Teeple, and Marty Kolls and this time around, it will be no different. As always, the lineup is stacked and this time reaches a little further beyond London.

Local singer-songwriter Karen Emeny. Photo via Facebook / @KarenEmenyMusic

“I wanted to increase the awareness of all the amazing talent in and outside of London. There’s so much here but even just down the road in St. Thomas, artists like Deni Gauthier are making some big waves.”

In addition to Deni, we have local singer-songwriter Karen Emeny and returning to the series for a second time, there’s everyone’s favourite celebrated folk icon, Ivan Rivers. If you love all things local or just music in general, then you should make your way down to City Folk this Saturday. The quality of talent, as well as the welcoming atmosphere, is sure to please any folk music aficionado to the utmost degree. That being said, your life doesn’t need to revolve around the world of folk to enjoy yourself.

“There’s definitely something for everyone. The artists in the lineup directly reflect the talent here in the city and surrounding area. You really don’t have to go too far to experience amazing music or have a top-notch experience” he told us. And the reasonable ticket price along with a convenient venue located right downtown, City Folk confirms exactly that.


It’s all in the experience.

Now taking place at the Rosewood Room inside the London Music Hall of Fame, City Folk will contribute to the ongoing local music history being made every day in London. The venue is beautiful, the admission is highly accessible, and most importantly, the lineup is comprised of artists you simply do not want to miss! Whether you’re familiar with the musicians, with the venue, the series, or none of this at all, we can definitely say, City Folk is a show any music lover should attend.

Denis Gauthier 1
St. Thomas musician, Deni Gauthier. Photo via Facebook / @DeniGauthier

“It’s of course about exposure for independent artists, but it’s also about quality of experience for the attendees.”

So, if you love all things local, all things musical, and simply having a fantastic time, then get to City Folk this Saturday starting at 7pm at the Rosewood Room. You’ll be very happy you did.

For more information and tickets, click right here and stay up to date with future 331arts events through Facebook.  

Feature photo via Facebook / @DeniGauthier


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