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Thursday, October 17, 2019



Troy Ouellette: Trace Elements

Canadian artist Troy Oullette talks to Ian Doig Phaneuf about his process of creating. He talks about decoding messages that translate into what we see every day and how those codes, materials, and processes...

FuseTV: Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

While in Stratford for the Canada 3.0 conference we had the chance to stop by Balzac's Coffee Roasters. FuseTV had a chat with our new friend Tim about Balzac's, the local scene, and how to make...

Fuse TV- Interview with Jesse Zubot

FUSE TV Presents: A Person Disguised As People chats with composer, producer, musician, record label owner, Juno and Polaris Prize winner Jesse Zubot before his most recent performance in London with Tanya Tagaq at...

Hint of Glynt

Alexandra MacKenzie (Petra Glynt) talks with Fuse about her artistic endeavours. Where does that voice come from? How do you know when art is "done"? Who bedazzled that sequencer!? Alex is wise beyond her...

Interview: Smiling into the Camera With the Elwins

Beloved musical act The Elwins join Fuse in the arctic during their stop over at The Grickle Grass Festival at the Children's Museum. We talk about music, inspiration, lies, smiles, mustache grooming and 'Playing...

Grickle Grass Festival 2015

The Grickle Grass Festival is back and is happening May 30th at the London Regional Children’s Museum. Grickle Grass Festival is a celebration of healthy and sustainable living. Grickle Grass is teaming up with the...

Fuse TV- Forest City Velodrome: The Edge of Speed

Fuse TV visits the Forest City Velodrome for a high-speed look at the participants, champions, and the thrill of racing the track. Be sure to check out our feature article on forestcityvelodrome.ca. Credits: Music by I Smell Blood Hosted...

Shock Stock Part 2

LondonFuse had their crew out in full force to cover the weekend-long event known as Shock Stock. This episode features Edwin Neal, Camille Keaton, Jessie Lee, Monsters of Schlock, and Tony Todd. Celebrating its...

Shock Stock Part 1

LondonFuse had their crew out in full force to cover the weekend-long event known as Shock Stock. This episode features James Bialkowski, Jeramie Rain, Cast of Night of the Living Dead, Jonathan Tiersten, Shotzi...

High on Adrenaline – Mark Hominick of Adrenaline MMA

Fuse TV interviews Mixed-Martial Arts master and former fighter Mark Hominick about the local MMA scene and Adrenaline MMA Training and Fitness's role in training the next generation. We also chat with instructor Jesse Gough...