Photo Gallery: Elepunks And Bad Words At CTO Sept. 12

Elepunks at CTO Sept. 12. Photo: Gerard Creces Bad Words Sept. 12 at CTO. Photo: Gerard Creces Elepunks at CTO Sept. 12. Photo: Gerard Creces Bad Words Sept. 12 at CTO. Photo: Gerard Creces Bad Words Sept. 12 at CTO. Photo: Gerard Creces Elepunks at CTO Sept. 12. Photo: Gerard Creces Bad Words Sept. 12 [...]

Bands-On-Bands: Local Music Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

On Thursday, October 18, LondonFuse is presenting a night of local music you’ve never heard before… Okay, so you’ve probably heard the songs before, but not like this. Bands On Bands is a new undertaking by LondonFuse, with a great lineup of local musicians covering one another for a live video shoot at the historic […]

Allen Family Reunion Invites You To The Strawberry Social

Whether you call it a comeback or a continuation, the Allen Family Reunion is back with a multi-generational album, Strawberry Social. It’s the first full-length album put out by the bluegrass band, featuring two generations of Allens in its lineup. Paul Hickling – the only non-Allen surname in the group – says the album name […]

Special Fuse Premiere: The Elepunks’ New Single ‘Meant To Be’

“So I started out in a small town, where if you ain’t the same you get ground down…” So sings The Elepunk’s frontman, Kevin Frayne, on the band’s new single, Meant To Be. LondonFuse has a special premiere, and you can take a listen right here. The band is made up of Frayne (vocals, guitar), […]

Six Seconds Of Fame – Abolish Music Now! Is Noisy By Nature

Who needs 15 minutes of fame when you can get six seconds? Abolish Music Now! is a massive collaborative album in a tiny package, featuring 60 different acts with a total run time of just five minutes, 57 seconds. Yes, 5:57. You read that correctly. Printed on flexi-disc vinyl, the square record already sets itself […]

From The Fuse Archives – This Sixth Time at Bandcamp

This post was originally written in May of 2017, but never published… until now! Need some new (or new-ish) local (or local-ish) music to listen to? LondonFuse has taken all the guesswork out by searching London, Ontario on bandcamp and giving you the results. Some are local artists, some were just inspired enough by London […]

A Healthy Dose Of Sadness From Steve Murphy

Once upon a time, on a rather cold winter Monday, I sat down at the Poacher’s Arms with a pint of stout… I thought I was the most British person in the building until Westminster Park’s Steve Murphy dressed in tweed came through the doors. With a TARDIS filled with records at home, and a […]

Get Party! Records Celebrates Five Year Milestone With… A Party

Circa 2002, London’s music scene was thriving. Local bands were getting signed to indie labels left and right, and it was a struggle to choose which venue to hit up. With so many good shows at Call the Office and the Embassy throughout the week, you had to buy a ticket or you wouldn’t get […]

Ben Kunder’s ‘Better Human’ Folk Rock Done Right

Some albums appropriately match a mood, or a time and place. Ben Kunder’s Better Human is one of those records. The album conjures up a warm, clear afternoon, just before sunset. Songs float like feathery clouds across an effervescent blue sky. The album is being released Thursday, June 28 at the London Music Club. Doors […]

At Home with Acrobats – Opening Night Review at Cirque du Soleil’s “Crystal”

Fusers Chelsea Coubry-Forte, Gerard Creces and Jen Hillhouse attended the opening night of Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal at Budweiser Gardens, and each took away a different experience. See if for yourself. The show runs until June 17.     From Jen… Beautiful, but hard to follow You wouldn’t typically pair acrobatics and ice skating together […]