Happy And Hardcore: Single Mothers’ Drew Thomson Talks Songwriting And Sobriety

When you hear Single Mothers play, you think anger. We’re talking the kind of anger that puts fists through walls and bottles to the ground. The band’s frontman, Drew Thomson, is best known for his aggressively snide songs that tackle everything from religion to the Richmond Row. He’s a well-dressed and well-versed hardcore veteran, speak-shouting […]

Fuse Reviews: DJ Hullewud And DJ Chase March’s MIX(ed) TAPE 2

Album: The MIX(ed) TAPE 2 Artists: Dj Hullewud & DJ Chase March Album Link: https://djhullewud.bandcamp.com/album/the-mix-ed-tape-2 The tag team of DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March hand pick tracks for a killer curated mixtape of (mostly) local hip hop. Both names may be familiar to fans of Radio Western. You can hear DJ Chase from his […]

Archer+Kow Keep The Good Vibes Coming In London, ON

There’s something new on the horizon in London, ON Archer + Kow is a DJ and promotions collective making waves here in London, ON. This team, consisting of two very passionate people, Kevin McKay and Allison Oosterman, have been at it all year, creating events unlike any others happening currently. They aim to “create an […]

Photos: LondonFuse Presents: Bands On Bands

What a night! On Thursday, Oct. 18, five amazing London bands took the stage at the Richmond Tavern to play… each others’ music. Fuse’s first ever Bands on Bands saw Cats, Esther’s Family, Fun Fact, Hiroshima Hearts and Charlie Weber swap songs for a one-of-a-kind performance. LondonFuse had our video cameras rolling all night, and […]

Live at Fuse HQ Ep. 5 – Sum-01 and DJ Hullewud

LondonFuse recently had a visit from MC Sum-01 and DJ Hullewud, laying down a track for the fifth installment of Live at Fuse HQ. Our cameras were rolling for the set, and we’re happy to share this track off Sum-01’s latest and greatest – 2 Dolla Holla 2.0.

And The Awards Go To… Awards

James Kirkpatrick aka Thesis Sahib, might deserve the title of ‘hardest working man in show business’, because the artist just doesn’t stop. Ever. A visual artist and musician, James volleys his attention and creativity between touring his latest musical release, Warm Computers (released on October 12) and his upcoming art show To The Unseen Future opening at […]

Hearthaches Stringband Album Release Live At The St. Regis

On Saturday, Oct. 13, the Heartaches Stringband released their debut album, Mrs. Johnson & Mr. Brown, to a packed house at the St. Regis Tavern. LondonFuse was there, cameras a-clickin’, to capture the night. If you’re new to the band, check out Fuser Steve Murphy’s QnA with Martin Horak here. Photos by Gerard Creces.

Charlie Weber ‘Old Habits’ Release At The Bakers Dozen

The Bakers Dozen was packed with people Saturday, Oct. 13, all there to witness the release of Charlie Weber’s debut album, Old Habits. Weber and the Glorious Failures brought down the house with a high-energy set to mark the occasion. The show also celebrated the one year anniversary of Forest City Records.

Heartaches Stringband Tug At Heart Strings With Debut Album

You can’t fake authenticity and London’s Heartaches Stringband prove their worth on the 10 tracks which make up their debut album. Only the clarity of the recording informs the listener of how recent the bluegrass and folk songs must be. The early 20th century didn’t have the recording capabilities and equipment for such full sounding […]

Lost In Japan Release First Full-Length Album

London indie-rockers, Lost in Japan, are releasing their first full-length album this month, kicking it off with a release show at Rum Runners Oct. 5 before taking the show on the road. With a number of singles and videos already released this year, Lost in Japan’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down. Earlier this […]