Why Do Businesses Like To Test Products In London, Ontario?

Wait, we’re a test market? There is no shortage of local favourites in London, Ontario, which has been known to be one of the best cities to test new products. Ben Cecil, the Chief Business Officer of the Canadian Centre for Product Validation, said that it’s a London tradition to bring new products for people […]

Rapid Transit: Council Steps on the Brakes

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plans could be finalized by July at the latest. City Council voted 10-1 to investigate more options. Councillors Harold Usher, Tanya Park, Anna Hopkins and Maureen Cassidy were absent from the meeting. Ward 11 Councillor Stephen Turner was the only one who voted against the motion.  “It doesn’t really matter where […]

The Eye London: Spring Fever

Spring is finally here Even though mother nature is putting up a bit of a fight and there are still a few cold days ahead, it’s safe to officially say that winter is over. So, to celebrate the departure of the cold, I did a little spring-look shoot inspired by a show, The Get Down. The […]

Reincarnating London’s Heritage Buildings: Part One

Who says progress always needs to come from a wrecking ball? All across the city, historical buildings – commercial and residential – tell the tale of ages past. While some private owners have allowed their buildings to fall into disrepair, others are getting broad public support for preservation. But restoring a century-old building does not […]

A Little Promo To Go With A Lot Of Theatre At The Grand

It is time to button up and wave the flag at the Grand Theatre. The excellent production of The Colony Of Unrequited Dreams on the Spriet Stage is supported off-stage by my all-time favourite Grand promotion. It offers fans two free buttons for their sporting pleasure. One, emblazoned with the official 1980 Christopher Pratt-designed flag […]

Rapid Transit: Mixed Opinions is an Understatement

Our method of transportation in the Forest City could change in the early 2020s. The revised Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes go to full council Tuesday for a final vote. The Rapid Transit Project The project received a boost from the federal government. The Government of Canada announced more than $37 million will go towards […]

A Brazilian’s Desperate Search for Good Coffee in London, ON

When I first came to Canada, I did not come prepared. There are many things I wish I had known back then, such as: summer is unbearably hot even for a Brazilian, buying alcohol involves a lot of logistics, and most importantly, good coffee is hard to find. For you see, I’m not just a coffee [...]

Roll Call: What Does Community Mean To You?

Currently running in Cohen Commons (in the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre) at Western University, there’s a small but mighty exhibition up until April 7. Entitled Roll Call, the curated collection of personal statements answers the question: “What does community mean to you?” So, what does it mean to people? Ten large black and white prints […]