Here it comes, London!

Whether you love craft beer, or just love a good party, this Saturday’s The Can Opener: A Craft Beer Pop-Up Bar is for you. This brand new venture, brought to you by Tyler Turek and Albert Agar, is sure to become a staple in the London craft beer scene.

One more detail, the inaugural event is taking place right here at our new HQ at 24 Bathurst Street! And on top of that, Saturday’s soiree isn’t simply a celebration of craft beer connoisseurship, it’s a fundraiser for LondonFuse and we’re so delighted this gracious duo decided to make it as such.

Nicki Borland Can Opener LondonFuse London Fuse
Tyler Turek (left) and Albert Agar (Right) are bringing the Can Opener to London Town September 30. photo by Nicki Borland

We recently spoke with the organizers to find out more about what this new venture is and why people should be excited about it.

A brand new venture…

One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing else happening like this and Londoners are mighty lucky to have it happening right here in town. When asked, Albert responded, “the Can Opener is a pop craft beer bar featuring local and hard to get regional craft beer packaged in cans” (that generally can’t be purchased at an LCBO).

If that doesn’t sound much like anything you’ve heard of… it’s because it really isn’t. We all know the craft beer craze has been sweeping London and beyond, but there’s an individuality to this event that excited people from the moment tickets went on sale.

“I haven’t seen many other pop-up style craft beer bars in our area which is why we wanted to have this event. Craft beer has seen huge growth in the Forest City recently and Londoners are hungry to try more, especially if it can help an awesome organization like LondonFuse!” he added.

Beer, food, people… party!

If the unique nature of the Can Opener isn’t enough quite yet, let’s talk about what thirsty, hungry patrons can consume. It’s all about beer of course, but guess what else? Delicious, local Oktoberfest sausages as well as pretzel sticks made by La Noisette Bakery! Now that you’re aware, the categorization as an “Oktober-ISH Fest” seems fitting, doesn’t it? We think so.

Can Opener Nicki Borland London Ontario
The goods! Here’s just some of what there is to look forward to at the event. Photo by Nicki Borland

But, onto beer, what will that glowing menu read? Albert said, “a curated list of over 20 craft beers and cider” including local and regional brewery greats like Anderson Craft Ales, Sawdust City, Half Hours on Earth, Rainhard Brewing, Abe Erb Brewing, and many more!

Whether you’re a seasoned snob (*meant lovingly*) or new to the scene, we can assure you, these two pros have selected a slew of craft beer to appease any palate. Tyler told us they “wanted to host an intimate and inclusive event where we can be sure there’s something for everyone.” And what comes on

So, what comes on very high recommendation? “We have a secret beer menu which includes one [selected] beer from both Tyler and I. These two beers will not be listed at the bar but only available if you ask a bartender,” they said. So there you have it, you’ll have to go and unlock the treasures yourself, London!

The excitement is mounting.

Not only are the food, drink, and atmosphere elements super exciting, but it’s the fact that the Can Opener is a new endeavour brought to you by Londoners, based entirely in passion. Here at Fuse we feel extremely honoured to be part of it and cannot wait to see where these guys take it in the future.

Can Opener Nicki Borland LondonFuse London Ontario
These may be amongst the favourites… Photo by Nicki Borland

On top of that, it’s clear the public shares this excitement and are counting down the days until Saturday. So much so that presale tickets sold out within days about a month ago and according to Albert, “it shows how eager the Forest City is to try new beers especially at interesting locations.”

We couldn’t agree more! It’s going to be one fantastic night and we hope to see you ALL there!

To find out more about the event, check out The Can Opener Facebook page or email Tyler or Albert directly at

Although advance tickets are sold out, you can purchase admission at the door but come early because capacity is limited.

Until Saturday, beer buds!

Feature photo by Nicki Borland 


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