Most fashion shows consist of models walking up and down a runway, over and over until the collection of clothes is finished. Sometimes, (if you’re lucky) they have some form of a reoccurring element to them.

But it is very rare for a show to highlight and incorporate various branches of the arts into a singular fashion show.

Yet, that is exactly what the Canadian Asian International Student Association (CAISA) fashion show does.

“We have a story that unfolds throughout the two hours,” says Karrie Zhang, this years public relations director for the show. “We have choreography, we have music. It’s a full on production.”

Auditions. Photo via CAISA Facebook page.
Auditions. Photo via CAISA Facebook page.

Not only is CAISA Fashion Show unique, it is Canada’s largest student-run charity fashion show –  attracting more than 1,500 people each year to their audience.

A good cause

Organized and put on by a team of over 120 exec members, performers and models from Western University, the CAISA Fashion Show has successfully raised over $265,000 in support of Children’s Health Foundation.

The organization is committed to bettering the lives of children everywhere and this show has made a huge contribution in ensuring that happens.

The show features a diverse and dynamic collection of clothing styles, ranging from pieces of formal wear to various styles of lingerie. It is sponsored by numerous London stores and boutiques, such as Elizabeth Noel and Collins Formal Wear, as well as the Le Chateau and Hudson’s Bay located in Masonville.

CAISA adds story to style for this Friday's show. Photo via facebook.
CAISA adds story to style for this Friday’s show. Photo via facebook.

Not to mention that the clothing in one of the scenes is designed by Manar Shams and Eugénie Amegah-Wovoe, recent grads of the Fanshawe fashion design program. Every year, the exec team at CAISA find new ways to fuse students of various creative abilities together – and every year, they outdo themselves.

Something for everyone

“There are so many different elements to our show. No matter what your skills are, there will be a spot for you,” says Abigail Tung, one of the creative directors for the show. “We have everything from stage design to PR to graphic design. Modeling to dancing. There’s something for everyone.”

The CAISA Fashion show maintains this element of diversity through the theme selected for each year.

“Our shows are always so incredibly different,” says Rosie Fan, the other creative director for the CAISA show. “There are people who will come year after year and tell us how much our show has changed.”

This year, CAISA Fashion Show is presenting Innova 2018. Innova will be bringing its audience into a colourful, bright, Gotham City-like paradigm. The show follows two female leads, one being the super villain of the city and the other, the underdog that has to rise and overcome various obstacles in order to defeat the villain and save the city.

For more information about CAISA Fashion Show, make sure to head to the official website, as well as their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

The show is this Friday. Tickets can be purchased here.


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