Brunch is the best everywhere but…

In London, ON, there are so many reasons to indulge in one of the best meals ever invented, brunch! We’ve got a plethora of mom and pop or hipster deluxe diners, there are incredible food trucks all over the city, and when it comes to diverse food options, London’s got that down pat.

On top of all that, you know what makes brunch so perfect? There are literally no rules, it’s a meal where anything goes and everything’s delicious, no matter what time of day or year. So, let’s take a look at how you can live your best brunch life, right here in the Forest City.

1- Take your breakfast and lunch in one!

Indeed, the traditional eggs, bacon, toast, and hashbrowns are always a great choice. But why not throw it all in a waffle sandwich? Or maybe stack things up with some crabcakes? Or toss some completely different ingredients into a panini and call it brunch because… that’s just how this thing works.

Root Cellar Brunch Fest
Look at this glorious thing. The Root Cellar never ceases to amaze us. Photo via Facebook / @RootCellarLDN

Seriously, brunch isn’t a menu, it’s a state of mind.

2- The options are endless…

Honestly, as previously mentioned, brunch can be whatever you want it to be. Brunch can be traditional, it can be tasty eats from all over the world, and it can certainly be vegan and vegetarian-friendly! London holds endless options on these fronts and you’ll always be happy with what you come across.

LondonFuse Irie Bites Brunchfest
Jerk chicken with rice and peas for brunch? Why not! Come see Jennifer from Irie Bites, she’ll hook you up. Photo via Instagram / @stochasticjack

Plus, bottomless coffee, fresh juice, smoothies… may the salivation commence! Speaking of drinks…

3- Drinking before noon? It’s not only acceptable, but encouraged.

You heard us. A pint? Sure thing. Perhaps a martini? Yep. Champagne? Why not? Better yet, mimosas? DEFINITELY. This meal is literally an excuse for day-drinking, what a concept it is!

London Brewing London ON Brunchfest
Let’s do this, London! Photo via Instagram /
No matter what you’re looking for in the drink department, find it at London Brewing! A flight, a pint, some kombucha, or Italian sodas, the taps are ready! Photo via Instagram /

Btw, ever had a beer-mosa? Regardless of if so or if not, you better get on out to the Brewing Co-Op on June 17 to see what it’s all about!

4- You can make dessert your entire meal, and that’s okay.

Waffles, pancakes, whipped cream everywhere, strawberry sauce, danishes, croissants, chocolate in places where chocolate ought to be but rarely is? Yep. That’s brunch for ya. What about ice cream? It works! Get your fill of one of London’s finest, MaggieMarie’s, at Brunchfest, and never look back!

MaggieMarie's London ON Brunchfest
Ice cream and milkshakes all day, everyday? We’re certainly down for that. Photo via Facebook / @MaggieMaries

Speaking decadence, on to my next point…

5- Hollandaise.

There isn’t much to say here. Hollandaise is the elixir of life and is the staple of any good brunch.

LondonFuse Brunchfest Nicki Borland
Nothing is complete without hollandaise. Photo by Nicki Borland

Some of the best hollandaise games in London? In our opinion: Morrissey House, The River Room, and Campus Hi-Fi.

6- It’s lavish and accessible, all at once.

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to brunch (but to be honest, we’d completely understand if you did). You need some friends, some food, and some frivolity, that’s what makes brunch, brunch.

Rosie's London ON Brunchfest
Oh right, did we mention tacos? Yep, brunch tacos, let’s do this! Photo via Instagram / @rosies_streetery

Plus, given this beautiful weather here in London, ON, we’re all social butterflies.

7- The meal’s an event in itself, but an entirely brunch-themed event?

The stuff of dreams! Have breakfast, have beer, have tacos, have a milkshake. Have whatever you want! Because brunch is the time to do just that.

Noisette London Ontario
Come for the bagel bombs, stay… for the bagel bombs! Photo via Instagram / @noisettebaker

Seriously, we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’re cooking up this weekend!

Hungry yet? Well make sure to come on out and take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Brunchfest at the London Brewing Co-Op, June 17, 2018 from 11am to 5pm! For full details, check out the Facebook event right here!

Brunchfest is a fundraiser for LondonFuse and Radio Western, in partnership with the incredible people at the London Brewing Co-Op. We will be asking for donations at the door ($5-10 suggested, but no one will be turned away). 



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