London artists Bodhi Jar are celebrating the release of their newest single this weekend at Call the Office. Fuser Steve Murphy has a combo review/QnA with the band for your reading and listening pleasure.

Artist: Bodhi Jar

Release: The Colour Pink

Release Date: May 17, 2018

Format: Digital Single

This new release from Bodhi Jar is epic and grandeur.  This contemplative and one might even say, existentialist single, begins with a lengthy ghost-like mist of a guitar melody.   From there, as the song kicks into gear, we get an introspective, spoken word statement about complacency versus ambition.

Bodhi Jar. Photo by Darren Eagles.
Bodhi Jar. Photo by Darren Eagles.

This is followed with a vocally operatic but musically chugging chorus.   It’s wonderful to hear a local act with grandiose ambitions and the ability to bring those through to fruition.   This is yet another gem expertly recorded at London’s Sugar Shack studio by Kyle Ashbourne.

Regarding this release:

1)What came first: the lyrics or the music?

The music always comes first for us and this time was no different. We took this song in a very different direction than anything people have heard from our old recordings or at our live shows and we are so happy with how it turned out.

2)The words are very introspective, even existential; is this something you often contemplate or, was there a moment of significance that brought the lyrics out of you?

All too often we’ll feel locked into the repetition of a mundane existence. This song is an observation on complacency, leading to the acceptance of what you don’t know in order to discover something beautiful

The Colour Pink is an existential cry for something more. We think this is something everyone contemplates. Even at your happiest you’re never completely content. There’s always a desire for something more. There definitely wasn’t one significant moment that defined this feeling. I think a lot of people feel this way and this is just our best effort at expressing it

3) I love the cover art.  Did Michael Beechy come up with the design by himself after listening to the song or was he given specific instructions?

We had been fans of his for quite some time because of his incredibly unique style so we just asked him to listen and, if he dug it, create the visual representation of the song. In less than 24 hours he sent us something that encompassed every emotion we were trying to convey with this song. It was such an unexpectedly easy process.

4)Your self-titled EP was released three years ago. Why keep your fans waiting so long?

With our follow up we wanted to “do it right” since the EP was such a rushed process but we unintentionally created more barriers for ourselves than we did opportunities. It wasn’t until fairly recently we had a moment of clarity and just decided we need to go for it, rather than wait for the planets to align.

5)Can fans expect to hear more new material anytime soon?

Absolutely! You can expect quite a bit of new material from Bodhi Jar in 2018.

Regarding the upcoming show at Call the office:

Did you pick the other acts or was that a decision by CTO?

We booked it so we could help out our good friends in Onionface (Ottawa) with a London stop on their tour. We asked our buds from Lost in Japan if they would be interested and they suggested we bring along 23:57 as well.

Hear the live debut of Bodhi Jar's The Colour Pink this Saturday at Call the Office.
Hear the live debut of Bodhi Jar’s The Colour Pink this Saturday at Call the Office.

Musically the night should have something for everyone! It’s going to be a crazy night…

When: Saturday June 16 Doors at 8 p.m.
Price: $7
Who: Bodhi Jar w/ Lost in Japan, Onionface, 23:57

Finally, is there anything I haven’t asked that you’d like people to know about either the release or the show?

We just want to thank Kyle Ashbourne for engineering and producing this song and Sugar Shack Studios for being so critical in the creation of Pink. He is truly a wizard and every aspect of working with him has been magical.


For fans of: Mars Volta, Faith No More

Available Digitally:


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