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Who doesn’t love breakfast? Who doesn’t love brunch?

We’ll go as far as to say… nobody. These important meals fill your belly and make your day so why not get hip to all the best London has to offer? I have my regular go-tos like Delmar and Billy’s (which are fantastic choices!) but let’s take a peak at some of the other delectable establishments that may just be right in your back yard, London.

1 – Family Circle Restaurant (147 Wellington Street)

This little (actually big) mom and pop shop is definitely one of the very best in London town. With weekly breakfast specials, everybody’s favourite diner items, and an atmosphere that could rival just about anywhere, Family Circle Restaurant should be one of the highest on your breakfast bucket list.

This London mainstay has been open since 1955 so if you’ve never been, be sure to check it out while it’s still here. This year, the restaurant was sold to make way for new residential developments so get on down there and experience classic!

Family Circle London Ontario
All the good stuff! Photo by Nicki Borland

Check out the menu right here.

2 – Irene’s Seafood & Grill (315 Wellington Road)

I must say, it wasn’t until I moved closer to the south end of the city that I even discovered this little haven on a bend in Wellington Road. Outside it’s all hustle and bustle but inside, Irene’s is peaceful, full of tasty menu items, and all smiles from the staff.

Get your hearty breakfast or brunch it up with fish and chips or, in my case (always), chicken fingers and fries. You can never go wrong!

Irene's London ON
If I see chicken fings and fried on a menu, no matter the time of day, I must have it. These did not disappoint! Photo by Nicki Borland

Check out the menu right here.

3 – The River Room (in Museum London, 421 Ridout Street)

This place is heaven on earth and I’ve proclaimed its superiority time and again. Your mouth will be in a state of ecstasy any time or any day but my recommendation is their Sunday brunch.

Get yourself a pastry basket, a full main course, plus one characteristically brunch drink (like a mimosa or a screw driver) all for $27. Yes, correct, make your reservations now.

River Room London ON
Duck and leek gratin, anyone? Photo via Facebook / @TheRiverRoom

Check out the menu right here.

4 – Rebel Remedy (242 Dundas Street)

Going strong for over a year now in downtown London, ON, Rebel Remedy offers some of the most innovative, delicious, and healthy options in town. Stop by for some delicious coffee, maybe a fresh juice, try the congee, then better test out the bone broth (delightful), scarf down a sandwich fit for a queen, and be on your way.

Whatever you decide on, it will be the right choice, and your mind and body will thank you for it.

Rebel Remedy London ON
The beauty! The grace! Photo by Ioulia Krisak

Check out the menu right here.

5 – Enat Restaurant (379 Horton Street)

For some of the very best in Ethiopian cuisine, look no further than Enat Restaurant. This small, quiet place allows all who come to feel right at home… and when you leave, you won’t need to eat for days.

This isn’t your run of the mill bacon and eggs diner, this is an authentic spot using the freshest ingredients made right there when you order. Plus, they have all day breakfast options you simply need in your life… right now.

Enat London ON
The flavours! So many. Photo by Kevin George via Facebook / @EnatRestaurant

Check them out online right here.

6 – King’s Inn Diner (186 King Street)

Oh King’s Inn, how we love you. Head on down to 186 King and feel as though you steppen into a time warp and have become Kelly Kapowski and Zach Morris hanging at The Max. Seriously. The staff are fantastic, they’ve got all the best breakfast and lunch options you could want, at some of the prices in the city.

Oh btw, your meal will come in less than 10 minutes (usually less than 5), so the hungrier you go in, the better.

Kings Inn London Ontario
So simple and so very perfect! Photo by Nicki Borland

Check them out online right here.

7 – Asmara Caffee (809 Dundas Street)

First off, I truly believe the that Asmara Caffee roasts and serves the best coffee in this city. Second, the owner, Misgna is the kindest, happiest man in the world who really is the prefect way to start your day. But! Then there’s tasty food to grab as well. It’s really the whole package.

Choose from traditional Eritrean options or go with a quick breakfast sandwich, no matter what you choose, it’s guaranteed to be one the best restaurant experiences you’ll ever have!

Asmara London Ontario
Misgna doesn’t cook up these specialties everyday but this does give you a sense of the love and passion he puts into every single thing he serves! Photo by Nicki Borland

Check out the menu right here.

8 – The Root Cellar (623 Dundas Street)

Organic breakfast and brunch? Yes please! Be sure to make your reservations today, this place fills up fast. It’s local, fresh, organic, vegetarian, or vegan… it’s everything you could possibly want in 2018

The Root Cellar has certainly become an institution in this city and rightfully so. Every single menu item will have your stomach rumbling and mouth watering, no matter what you choose, you’re in for a real treat!

Root Cellar London Ontario
Just take a look at that! Get there, fast. Photo via Facebook / @TheRootCellarLDN

Check out the menu right here.

9 – Campus Hi-Fi (736 Richmond Street)

Lastly (but certainly not least!), my personal fave, Campus Hi-Fi has been serving students and Londoners alike for decades. With big breakfasts, breakfast poutine, breakfast wraps and more, this place is everything you want in a diner.

Also, in case you haven’t gathered yet, the friendly nature of the staff at an establishment is very important me and this place is no different. Here you have some to nicest people who are genuinely happy to be providing you with sustenance. The place is an experience all its own and if you’ve never been… you must!

Campus Hi-Fi London Ontario
I could live on hollandaise, at all times. What about you? Photo by Nicki Borland

Check out the menu right here.

Honestly the amount of places I could list… unending. London’s a city filled with great things but when it comes to breakfast and brunch, it doesn’t get any better. However, it’s always necessary to mention, there are certainly other great places in the Forest City and we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Where’s your go-to breakfast/brunch joint?

Feature photo by Nicki Borland


  1. Early Bird, Billy’s and Edgar and Joes are my go to joints.

    Living a two minute walk from King’s for many years made it a mainstay for a long time.


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