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Nick Scott (Photo, Video, and Writing Contributor since 2014)

LondonFuse helped me discover the artistic pulse of the city. Being a contributor has provided me with a tremendous amount of opportunities to work alongside local artists, musicians, painters, performers, and a variety of curious personalities. I’ve covered fantastic events I wouldn’t normally attend and produced unique projects that challenged me creatively. Their informative workshops provided an exceptional learning experience and allowed me to meet and share ideas with other local creatives. Fuse is an amazing resource that more Londoners should take advantage of.

Sammy Roach (Video and Writing Contributor since 2015)

I was hooked on Fuse by a weekend guide, and as soon as I saw a call for contributors I jumped on it. One of the things I love about Fuse is the creative freedom I’ve found in terms of what I can write. When I find an event or strike an idea that I want to write about, the Fuse team encourages me with enthusiasm. Fuse is an amazing environment for trying new things with the support of an awesome team. Their work to provide a platform for the several artists who live and work in London is constantly inspiring.

I’ve been living in London for five and a half years now. Joining Fuse, meeting incredible people, and getting a spark of Fuse’s creative energy was what made London feel like home.

Emily Stewart (Writing Contributor since 2016)

Being an arts and entertainment journalist, one that interviews bands and photographs events, has been a dream of mine. Joining LondonFuse was a great way for me to use the writing skills I’ve learned in my experience as a journalist, and become a better photographer.
I like volunteering for LondonFuse for the same reason I love any type of journalism opportunity; it connects me to my community. I’ve been a Londoner forever, but I didn’t know about the local entertainment scene until post-secondary. Fuse is the best way to know about all of the cool stuff that happens in London!

Sara Chitty (Writing Contributor since 2012)

LondonFuse was instrumental in launching my career as a journalist. They gave me an incredibly flexible opportunity to create a diverse and prolific published portfolio. Through this platform I was able to discover the limits and subtleties of my craft, and push myself in new directions. Because of Fuse I have met lifelong friends and built strong relationships within the community and industry, which I will treasure forever.

Pat Tiffin (Video and Writing Contributor since 2015)

If you’re wondering why you should join LondonFuse, I would have to say it’s the camaraderie followed closely by our shared odd ball sense of humor. It’s a place where even I, the most socially awkward of people, can find a place and fit in. Having spent a decade volunteering for various community media outlets, I have to say I’ve had the most creative freedom when it comes to my work at LondonFuse.

Rima Sater (Photography Contributor 2013-2015)

Contributing to Fuse made for a truly enlightening experience. It allowed me to broaden my creative skills through mediums I had otherwise never explored. In doing so, I gained a positive perspective on our community and the people who work so hard to make it an exciting thing to be a part of. Fuse created a space that encouraged all of its contributors to put forth their ideas, keeping an open mind to how we approached them. The team was flexible, motivating, and insightful! I’ve met some really great people, and learned a lot of great things that I continue to use in my on-going creative endeavours. Thanks, Fuse!

Alex Jaworiwsky (Writing Contributor since 2014)

I originally got involved with Fuse in September of 2014 after being connected to Pam through a mutual friend. I had been trying to find a place in London that existed outside of Western’s campus. My passions were writing and music and Fuse connected those dots. I also suddenly had an in into the arts and music scene that I barely knew existed and suddenly wanted so much of. There were shows every Friday and Saturday night, people who Did It Themselves and made it amazing. Richmond Row suddenly wasn’t the only nightlife – my weekends were sweaty basements and loud bands and cool people who shared their art and music and passions. I fell in love and I’m still in love.
And I had something to write about, to talk about, to share with a larger community and a platform to do it. I was excited about something for the first time in a long time, and Fuse facilitated it. I was encouraged to write about anything and to use my own voice and when we came together for monthly meetings, everyone’s ideas were heard, collaborated with, and executed. Fuse was a home within my home and continues to be, even almost three years later, graduated and with a job out in London’s larger world.
With Fuse you learn to write, you learn to collaborate, you get to do cool things with cool people. You get to be you in whatever way that is. And now I know that you don’t need an “in” to share in London’s unique little scene. All you need is to show up … and maybe not be an asshole.

Deanne Kondrat (Writing Contributor since 2010)

I have been writing for LondonFuse, on and off, pretty much since the start. As a young-20 something fresh out of college, Fuse gave me the opportunity to build my portfolio, while writing about cultural events that interested me or interviewing artists who I admired. Without Fuse, I would not have had freelance gigs with The Globe and Mail or She Does the City. Or I would never have had the opportunity to take photos at a Steel Panther show, or gab with Wanda Jackson. This website has been the best hands-on education a writer could ask for. Thank you, Fuse! I’m forever in your debt!

Joel Thibert (Writing and Editing Contributor since 2015)

In my time at Fuse, the most valuable experience I’ve had was working with other people of various experience levels. Learning first-hand from seminars taught me most of what I know about freelancing. Getting to edit for young and new writers, giving them advice, and watching them improve has been a highlight of my writing career.

Megan Arnold (Photography and Illustration Contributor since 2015)

I’ve been aware of LondonFuse since the days of the Met Market, but didn’t get involved as a volunteer until the spring of 2015. Since joining Fuse, I’ve gone to some amazing festivals for free (!!!) and interviewed a few of my cartooning heroes. If my memory is correct, my first photoset for the site was at Kazoo! Fest 2015 and I shot it all on sweet, sweet 35mm.

Shiloh Burton (Video and Photography Contributor since 2016)

Truly great things in the world are not given, but found. This among many similar metaphors come to mind when thinking how rare an opportunity and how grateful I am to be part of LondonFuse. Something that astounds me that I now acknowledge
and take from working there is the dedication and ingenuity put into every action without recompense or thought of return.
The selfless support provided exceeded my expectations of any workplace past or present. I’m proud to be associated with LondonFuse and I can’t express my gratitude for helping make so much possible. LondonFuse, along with it’s band of extraordinary staff has made an everlasting affect on me with their altruistic values and principals, and I proclaim much more greatness is sure to come.

Sylvia Nagy (Writing Contributor since 2016)

I volunteered at LondonFuse while a student at King’s University College through King’s’ Volunteer Summer Bursary Program.

I interviewed and wrote about members of specialized police units (e.g. K-9), advocates for London heritage buildings, a best-selling detective novel author, City of London officials, couchsurfers, and nordic walkers (aka urban polers). I went on a 3-hour police ride-along. I won a scholarship from the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario for my work on a two-part heritage piece. I highly recommend this program!

The LondonFuse contributor program is a bustling network of hard-working people who develop original content and help champion your work. As a writer contributor, LondonFuse nurtured my curiosity about the city and encouraged opportunities to see it differently.

Pam and Nicole are creative wizards, but also, they are kind and genuinely care about their contributors. Thanks to you both for some wonderful experiences!

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