On Thursday, October 18, LondonFuse is presenting a night of local music you’ve never heard before…

Okay, so you’ve probably heard the songs before, but not like this.

Bands On Bands is a new undertaking by LondonFuse, with a great lineup of local musicians covering one another for a live video shoot at the historic Richmond Tavern.

Folk on rock? Funk on folk? Rock on funk?

You get the drill. We’ve got a great mix of performers that will be putting their own spin on their fellow Forest City musicians. Lineup includes Fun Fact, Cats, Hiroshima Hearts, Charlie Weber, and Esther’s Family. Who’s doing whom?

Come out and see for yourself.

Bands on Bands - the first show of its kind, and it's brought to you by LondonFuse!
Bands on Bands – the first show of its kind, and it’s brought to you by LondonFuse!

And hey – throw down with your best dance moves and you just might be in the video!

LondonFuse will also be accepting donations toward our fundraising campaign, with the proceeds going to Fuse’s ongoing volunteer programming.

What do we do?

LondonFuse supports local talent, provides training to volunteers looking for media experience, host bi-monthly contributor meetings, and put on a variety of local events – just like this one!

Come out to Bands on Bands, get some LondonFuse swag, some great band merch and hear local music like you’ve never heard it before!

Show starts at 7 p.m.