Getting things started right…

Kicking off with a maniacal chuckle, Bad Cop/Bad Cop drummer Myra Gallarza counts you into eleven intrepid and indignant feminist anthems that comprise Warriors, their savage and aptly titled sophomore album.

Warriors is a throat punch to North America’s bigots, racists, and a-holes. It’s raw and honest and in your face fast, with catchy melodies imbued with empowering lyrics.

bad Cop Bad Cop Warriors
Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s “Warriors” came out on June 16th.

Channeling their frustrations with America’s current socio-political climate, BC/BC challenge listeners to dispense with gender constructs, quit being complacent, and abolish the status quo.

Gone tourin’…

Dropping June 16, on Fat Wreck Chords, the pop-punk foursome hits the road for every date on Warped Tour this summer.

“That’ll be our record release tour,” vocalist/guitarist Jennie Cotterill laughed. “We’ve just been so busy, I can’t imagine getting any busier.”

jenni Cotterill bad cop bad cop
Jennie Cotterill at Pouzza 2017. Photo by Sara Mai Chitty

Warriors is the product of touring relentlessly during the 2016 United States presidential election and its aftermath. While on tour, Bad Cop/Bad Cop were able to see and hear firsthand how systemic racism and sexism affect their fans.

“We’re open, we like to hang out and talk to our friends and fans,” said drummer Myra Gallarza.

It’s for the Warriors.

So they produced this album with all the warriors they’ve met in mind, not merely as a call to arms, but to provide sustenance for every marginalized and disenfranchised human fighting everything from microaggressions to oppressive public policy.

bad cop bad cop before their set at foufs
Bad Cop/Bad Cop before their set at Foufs during Pouzza 2017. Photo by Sara Mai Chitty

The band has had a tough year personally, and simply as American citizens living under the Donald Trump regime, but they’ve persisted. The strength they’ve conjured to resist the bigotry and oppression they’ve faced throughout their lives is demonstrated through the lyrics and composition of Warriors.

It’s fast, it’s bold – it’s a giant f**k you.

“The new Bad Cop record is amazing,” said Fat Wreck co-founder Erin Burkett in an interview at Pouzzafest this past May. “I was talking to Stacey Dee this morning and I was saying the Bad Cop I saw last night at the show, versus the Bad Cop I saw two years ago at the Fat 25-year shows, is night and day. And I’m not saying they weren’t great then. I’m just saying now, they’ve really gelled, they’re just owning it.”

Bad Cop Bad Cop
Bad Cop/Bad Cop… and a snake. Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s energy and passion as humans on stage and off stage is infectious. They are an indomitable force not to be reckoned with. Since their debut album Not Sorry, the band has grown in musicianship and craftsmanship and are exceptionally unapologetic now.

“They’re so powerful,” said Burkett. “And they worked really hard to be where they are now.”

Check out the full album Warriors right here on bandcamp, and stay up to date on all things BC/BC right here!

Feature photo by Lindsey Byrnes


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