The Summer of Bad Art

LondonFuse’s signature fundraiser, the Bad Art Festival, is back — and this time it’s going virtual!

COME ONE, COME ALL! Photo by Sammy Roach.

But this time, instead of a one-day in-person event (thanks, COVID), round four of this iconic festival is running all summer long! We will have lots of events to take part in, including a Silent Auction, Film Fest, Blind Contour Portrait Drawings, and more!

What is Bad Art Festival?

The Bad Art Festival is a celebration of wonderful, terrible, awesomely-horrible art, poetry, film and more! At the Bad Art Festival, we truly believe everyone’s an artist! The Bad Art event series aims to encourage people of all skill levels to view themselves as creators. The festival is also an opportunity to examine what makes art “good” or “bad.”

The Bad Art Gallery Wall during Bad Art Festivus in December 2018.

After previous Bad Art events, attendees have shared that they’ve taken up painting or writing poetry because they were able to explore their creative side in a safe, non-judgemental space. The festival started as a collaboration between LondonFuse and the fine folks at Brown & Dickson.

All proceeds from the Bad Art Festival go to operational funding for the LondonFuse New Media Collective so that we can continue to build a treasure map for London by telling its stories.

Who says what “bad” art is?

The best part of Bad Art Fest is seeing, hearing, and experiencing other people’s “bad art.”

The amazing Sammy Roach, giving her all at the Bad Art Festival II in April 2018. Photo by Nicki Borland

Whether it’s an awful poem, crappy painting, or a wonderfully horrendous song, we want to celebrate it! You can submit “bad” paintings, photography, mixed media, textiles, and more to the Bad Art Festival Gallery. You can submit your art to the Silent Auction before August 3 to be included.

The illustrious Terry “The Hammer” Hammer teaches us what drum solos are all about. Photo by Sammy Roach.

It’s also time to dig out those ol’ student films and home movies (not that kind though). Or get creative and make a new, terribly amazing piece of moving art this summer. You can submit your films or recorded performances (ex. poetry, songs, short plays) to the Film Festival screening before August 10 to be included.

There will be even more fantastic Bad Art Events on the way! Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates.


  1. Hi! Tried to enter the Bad Art festival but I don’t have a gmail account, nor do I really want one. My friend, Riyam, suggested I come here but I still don’t see where I can send something.


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