Bad Art Festival III happened this past Saturday, October 19th, at Brown & Dickson Bookstore, and it was a day that will live in our hearts for years to come.

First, the afternoon portion of the fest filled with wave after wave of curious festival goers. Whoops of laughter were heard from people receiving their terrifying blind contour portraits and unfortunate fortunes. The happy munching of homemade cookies and and ranch-flavoured Bugles accompanied the collage making station. Dulcet tones of Bach as interpreted by the Halitosis Chamber Ensemble provided a perfect rounding out of the day’s soundtrack.

Later, in the evening, a devoted audience took their seats to take in a night of bizarre poetry, prose, music and monologue. Excited and confused chatter filled the air between unforgettable performances. The rest of the homemade cookies disappeared along with the false notion of “good” and “bad” art.

We had Mr. Kitty prints and so many yellow duck paintings. We had famed drummer Terry “The Hammer” Hammer and poems about monumental cheese. Above all, we had an incredible outpouring of support from our community.

And so, thank you to Jason Dickson and Vanessa Brown for partnering with us for another fantastic fest. Thank you to the LondonFuse board and our amazing contributors for their continued devotion to the cause. And of course, thank you to all of our artists, and to of you who came to Bad Art Festival III. We could not do what we do without you.

We’ll see you next year!



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