Happy And Hardcore: Single Mothers’ Drew Thomson Talks Songwriting And Sobriety

When you hear Single Mothers play, you think anger. We’re talking the kind of anger that puts fists through walls and bottles to the ground. The band’s frontman, Drew Thomson, is best known for his aggressively snide songs that tackle everything from religion to the Richmond Row. He’s a well-dressed and well-versed hardcore veteran, speak-shouting […]

How I Was Spiritually Enlightened By The Former Host Of Uh-Oh

You remember that 90s kids game show – the slicked up host, Wink Yahoo, the spinning wheel, that pseudo-masochistic black masked “Punisher,” and of course, buckets of slime. Well… I caught up with the former host of that zany YTV show – an over-the-top icon of pure 90s nostalgia – and had one hell of […]

Single Mothers Are Back And Furious As Ever With ‘Our Pleasure’

Front tooth missing, with a black button-up shirt and a snarky grin, speak-shouting savage wit over heavy destruction… That’s usually what you can expect from Drew Thomson, the furiously-charismatic frontman of Single Mothers. The skewering snide of London’s post-hardcore heroes returns with their Sophomore album, Our Pleasure. Following the album’s release this past summer, the […]