Art House Film Screenings At Odyssey Records

After 5 enter through the back door… There’s a new spot in town to meet up with your friends in the dark, and yes someone has to show you where it is. Like the Foam Doam, or long-defunct The Fort, it helps to know which doorknob to turn. Newly set up at the Baker’s Dozen, […]

Local Folks Return To Aeolian Hall For A Third Time

All politics is Local Folk. While you might be familiar with the Aeolian Hall as a live music venue, you might not realize its place in Old East Village history. It has served as the artistic hub of OEV for years but was in fact first built to serve as the town hall for the […]

28 Minutes And $0: My Experience Getting A Naloxone Kit

First, take a deep breath. If you remember being a teenager and going to the drug store to buy condoms, then you have all the experience you need to get a Naloxone kit. At first, I was nervous to ask, but the pharmacists were professional and non-judgemental. A Naloxone kit is a first-response, opioid overdose […]

Grickle Grass: Dr. Seuss Named My Music Festival

Seriously, what is Grickle Grass? The Grickle Grass Festival takes its name from the 1971 Dr Seuss book The Lorax. The story is a cautionary children’s tale about society losing its connection to nature. All for the purpose of chopping down the very last Truffula tree in order to produce Thneeds, a very versatile garment. Now […]

Turf Love: Victoria Park’s Festival Season Approaches

London Turf Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a patch of turf in Victoria Park reached out to LondonFuse to let us know what they go through in order to satisfy London’s appetite for large, well attended, downtown cultural events. “I remember when I was a young blade of grass I could go and go, [...]