The Boy In The Moon Gives Perspective On Parenting

The evening after work was a scramble. I left the office at five and walked through town to fetch my daughter from school. From there we walked to our house to meet my wife and son for dinner. As we walked I kept thinking, “I have things to do tonight. This is stressful. This is […]

PHOTO GALLERY: Scenes From The Grickle Grass Festival – Allan Lewis

LondonFuse sent not one, but TWO intrepid photogs to the Grickle Grass Festival this weekend. We hope you live vicariously through these shots from Allan Lewis.

Talking Grickle Grass With Organizer Savanah Sewell

Grickle Grass, London’s finest arts and culture festival, returns this Saturday for its ninth instalment. The event runs across an entire day, with a day portion dedicated to family activities, and a night portion committed to the best of underground, offbeat music and culture. Ahead of the show, I put a few questions to the […]

Now Entering Foam Doam – London’s Best Kept Musical Secret

Life at Foam Doam has nothing to do with making money or turning a profit. A gig at the infamous London house venue presents an ecosystem of music and art at its most honest: a straightforward, authentic experience for audiences and performers alike. The house’s come-as-you-are policy invites bands to set up in the kitchen […]

On The Go Will Soon Be Gone For Good

On the Go Caribbean Cove is the best restaurant in London, and it’s closing in a week and a half. For five years the little shop has stood just south of Wellington and Simcoe in London’s Soho district. In that time it has never been a place that puts on airs. There’s no fancy decor, […]

Grievances Have No Misgivings About Canadian Punk

When you set out to write and record as much music with your friends as possible, good things happen. London’s melodic-punk four piece Grievances may be making plenty of work for themselves with their busy release schedule (the band released a full-length in October and have an EP on the way in the New Year), […]

Calithumpian Digs Deep Into Rothko’s Tortured Mind

A tortured genius comes to London. Deighton Thomas, the London actor who plays artist Mark Rothko in the play, Red, describes playing Rothko as one of the great tests of his acting career. “This is the challenge I’ve been looking for,” he says, recounting his first experience with Red’s imposing two-man script. Rothko, the famous […]

Rocky Horror Gets Freaky For Final McManus Run

Dammit, Janet- It’s Rocky Horror! Get dressed up, practice your favourite lines, and pack some food while you’re at it, because the Rocky Horror Show is back in London. Pacheco Theatre brings the classic Richard O’Brien musical to the Grand Theatre’s McManus Stage for its third and final run, from October 12-21. This frantic celebration […]

Buckle Up Buttercup: LondonFuse Crashes Western Fair Demolition Derby

Western Fair Demolition Derby… The name says it all – find a cheap car and strip it bare save for the wheels, drive it into a concrete-encircled pen smaller than a hockey pad, add another 10 cars or so. Put your car in reverse. Hit the accelerator. See what happens. Rural north holds forth The […]

Strange Ways Likes Their Metal Live And Loud

Strange Ways will make your brain fall out of your head – simple as that. I saw them for the first time doing a heavy, thrashy set at Grooves’ Record Store Day. Strange Ways’ guitarist, Chris Belanger, was in his Pizza Hut uniform. He’d made a pit stop on a delivery shift to play the […]